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Chester LPU Chat 2005


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I found the transcript from the infamous December 2005 Chester LPU chat. God this brings back memories, my question even being asked in it.


chesterbennington says to (12:38): What's up? How are you guys doin?

chesterbennington says to (12:38): I'm here guys

LPHybrid says to (12:38): hey chester

LPHybrid says to (12:38): thanks for coming

LPHybrid says to (12:38): you ready to get started ?

chesterbennington says to (12:38): YES

LPHybrid says to (12:39): OK

LPHybrid says to (12:39): M please submit your questions

LPHybrid says to (12:39): let's get this going

maria666 says to (12:39): Hey Chester, What are your thoughts on the new album ? {heart_smiley,bye_smiley}

metallikorn90 says to (12:39): Hey Chester! David said he hasn't been as excited about making an album as now.. how is that with u? and is the album with more strings or rap or..? and can you say something about the name of it? I wish you good luck, Merry Christmas- Rob (Holland)

chesterbennington says to (12:39): On what new album?

chesterbennington says to (12:39): Which one?

LPHybrid says to (12:39): yours i think

LPHybrid says to (12:39): solo

LPHybrid says to (12:40): ?

LPHybrid says to (12:40): not sure

Misiraul says to chesterbennington (12:40): no on the new LP album

LPHybrid says to (12:40): hold questions for s sec, guys

MuzicGuy85 says to (12:40): Hey Chester, Im a HUGE fan (Like everyone else here). And, here is my question. How come you have been so quiet about your solo album when Mike was very open about his???

chesterbennington says to (12:41): We're all really excited about making this record. I can't really say anything anything about the direction of the record, because we haven't ever really conciously pre-concieved an album, and so the album kind of comes to us when ideas comes to us.[/b]

chesterbennington says to (12:42): Music comes to us, if the album wants to reveal itself to us it will.

MariBrasil says to (12:42): Hey chester!how r u doing?will you play any instrument in your solo album? which one?

LPHybrid says to (12:42): please only submit your question once (metallikorn)

chesterbennington says to (12:43): I've been quiet about the solo record because there isn't a definite release date right now because Linkin Park has decided to go into the studio and LP always comes first.

LPHybrid says to (12:43): (and muzicguy)

chesterbennington says to (12:43): What's best for Linkin Park is what's best for the fans.

myheartsingswithpain says to (12:43): hiya, first off i'd like to say, LP rocks my fuckin socks, but anyway onto the whole point of this thingie..my question! before i ask, i'd like say sorry if this has been asked a million times, but...what exactly was/is your inspiration to write music? {weird_smiley,fear_smiley}

chesterbennington says to (12:44): I play guitar, I play keyboard, I did programming, and I sing on the solo album. Ryan, Amir and Fu and I all did everything together on it.

LPHybrid says to (12:44): N, O, and P please get your questions ready - do not submit them yet, thoguh

LPHybrid says to (12:44): though*

LPHybrid says to (12:45): again, do not submit them yet

chesterbennington says to (12:45): My inspiration? Music itself is kind of my inspriation. I love music, it's always done something for me when I listen to it.

meteorarocker411 says to undergrounddivanz (12:45): Was there anything you saw in Fort Minor or your album that you would like to see on the next LP album?

chesterbennington says to (12:45): A good song you might listen to a thousand times, whereas a good movie you might only watch a couple of times.

chesterbennington says to (12:45): Music is inspiring for people and that makes me want to do it.

LPHybrid says to (12:46): ok, NOP - please submit your questions at this time. M, users, please stop and thank you for asking some goodies {smile_smiley}

alinedfer says to (12:46): hey Chaz! well, I don't know if the guys have already asked, but what do u think of FOrt Minor {heart_smiley}

PunkRampant says to (12:46): Hi Chester, do you think your solo album will have the same "dark" tone you had on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack? Thanks, Linkin Park kicks ass, by the way.

NonnaNL says to (12:46): Hi Chester. I’m really looking forward to a new LP album and your solo album. I hope they will rock as much as HT and Meteora. So my question is: What bands are you currently into? Jeanna. Holland

chesterbennington says to (12:47): Fort Minor is not LP and my project is not LP. If they were going to be on a LP record they'd be on an LP record. When you hear you'll understand.

Pizzaguy08 says to (12:47): chester, hows it goin', my question is about your solo albam. have you decided a name for the albam, if so what is it called? Merrry Christmas-Tim

pinksoldier9 says to chesterbennington (12:47): I'm Fiorella from Peru and I think you absolutely rock!, I have a group of friends here who are also huge fans, Brenda, Alessandra and Daniel say hello and good luck with future projects with the band, which bands influenced you and will you take those inf

pinksoldier9 says to chesterbennington (12:47): and will you take the influences to the solo album?

chesterbennington says to (12:48): The project is called Snow White Tan and I've been tossing some ideas around for the name of the record but it hasn't been named yet.

chesterbennington says to (12:48): As soon as it's ready to be released, everyone will know.

OLIVEROCK says to (12:49): Hey Chester! Before I ask my question I just wanted to say that some of LP biggest fans are from my small hometown in Tennessee. Okay my question is what was it like to sing with Motley Crue during the Music For Relief concert? Happy Merry Christmas!

LPHybrid says to (12:49): motley crue ruuuuuuuuuule ❤️

chesterbennington says to (12:50): That's a good question, there's really not that many bands I'm into right now...I think the Killers are really really good. And I think that the Nine Inch Nails record is really good, and the Depeche Mode record, and a new band called Dirty Head.

LPHybrid says to (12:51): NOP questions only, anyone else submitting questions will be removed.

chesterbennington says to (12:51): The Cure, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, STP have influenced me

chesterbennington says to (12:51): Jane's Addiction, Ministry

chesterbennington says to (12:51): Bucket O' Weenies

chesterbennington says to (12:51): that's it

chesterbennington says to (12:52): It was kind of weird to sing with Motley Crue, it's hard for me to think of myself as a rock star. Rock stars get to hang out with other rock stars and do stuff like that, and I had one of those moments where I realized I am one of those dudes.

PartTimeThinker says to (12:52): Hey Chester... You've all worked with a number of great names in the industry either as a group or separately... is there anyone dead or alive you'd love to record with that you haven't had the opportunity to do? xx

LPHybrid says to (12:52): NOP, please stop and QRS, please submit your questions

LPHybrid says to (12:52): thanks! you're all doing wonderful

chesterbennington says to (12:53): It's kind of weird but it was really cool. Vince Neil was really really tired when he showed up, he'd just done 2 nights in a row and came into a show that night, didnt get any sleep really, and we had to be at sound check at 7:30 in the morning.

siany says to (12:53): Hi Chaz, When Linkin Park write the song, what come first , the lyric or the melody? {smile_smiley}

Skitsomania says to (12:53): Here's my question: What other people and/or bands have you chosen to collaborate with on either your solo album or the new (if there is one) LP album? Oh, and-Happy Holidays. {smile_smiley}

RememberTheName89 says to (12:53): Hey Chester, will there be any slow songs on the new LP record like My December or the Pushing Me Away remix? They always seem to be my favorite.

chesterbennington says to (12:53): He rolled in didnt even shower, came into rehearsal, took a few takes and did it with barely any rehearsal at all. Then he was back to his hotel with a couple of hours of sleep and played a show that night.

rainbow69702003 says to Gemz (12:53): Hi Chester.i'd like to know how did you feel working alone i mean you always worked with the group.where did you get the inspiration for you songs? did depeche mode sound influence it?great voice!Mara from Italy ps:Merry X-mas

chesterbennington says to (12:53): Their shows are like 2.5 hours long, my respect level for them has gone up so much because of this.[/b]
chesterbennington says to (12:54): I'd love to work with Depeche Mode. I think they are really really amazing.

LPHybrid says to (12:54): QRS only, please

chesterbennington says to (12:55): I've had some talks about trying to work out something with Robert Smith, he's without a question the only person that I know that I am a huge fan of, that when I met I kind of freaked out a little bit.

chesterbennington says to (12:55): I kind of got like gushy fan, all teary eyed, your music means so much to me kind of thing. He consoled me and said it's ok man. We talked for a couple hours. I'd love to work with that guy I think he's a genious.

chesterbennington says to (12:55): I don't like working with dead people, that's kind of gross.

LPHybrid says to (12:56): lmao...

chesterbennington says to (12:57): As far as my solo stuff is concerned, I wrote the bulk of the music and all the lyrics and stuff, the other guys I am working with have contributed quite a bit to the album as well. It's not really a collaboration with anyone besides them.


chesterbennington says to (12:58): I don't think we'll ever have guest appearances on an actual album, only on separate stuff like when I worked with Korn, or Ztrip, or Reanimation. We've worked with other people but not on our records.

stinka says to LPHybrid (12:58): Hi CHester,do you feel more confident performingyour solo material or LP material?

samialeal says to chesterbennington (12:59): Chaz, which other artists will be featured on your solo album, beyond Julien-K and Amir Derakh?

chesterbennington says to (12:59): Um, I wouldn't know the answer to that question yet.

siany says to (12:59): Hi Chaz, When Linkin Park write the song, what come first , the lyric or the melody?

chesterbennington says to (12:59): Nope don't think so.

LPHybrid says to (12:59): TUV, please
chesterbennington says to (12:59): The melody always comes first before lyrics.

LPHybrid says to (12:59): submit your questions

thehuffs says to (13:00): My three year old son loves Live in Texas. He complained when I turned it off and put on Christmas music.He say's dance Linkin Park .My husband and I love Linkin Park. I really think you sound awesome live. Do you think you will do another live CD?

tinychica101 says to chesterbennington (13:00): so besides robert smith is there anyone else that would make you react in a oh my god i cant believe its you sort of way?... if you ever met them.... ???

undergrounddivanz says to (13:00): You only need to ask your question once thanks.

chesterbennington says to (13:00): Sometimes in rare occassions, you can write some lyrics and it works better on some other melody later, but for me melody is always most important and it comes first, and makes the story that the lyrics come around later.

voehahnLP says to Gemz (13:00): HI Chester! Before I ask, the biggest "Hello" from Russia to you and all LP! We look forward to your visit! Now my question... What covers played by Bucket of Weenies are you beloved ones? Thanx...

Gemz says to (13:00): please only ask your questions once

chesterbennington says to (13:01): I wouldn't say we'd never do another live CD, but I know we'll keep making albums and we enjoy special things like Live in Texas, Reanimation and Collision Course.

chesterbennington says to (13:01): I'm sure whatever we do in some way or another we'll keep doing unique things.

Trine90 says to (13:02): Hey Chester! When can we expect a new LP album? Merry Christmas!

LPHybrid says to (13:02): LP ablum should be out in 2006 for those of you wondering

chesterbennington says to (13:02): And we JUST put out the Live 8 CD of all LIVE TRACKS for LPU!

chesterbennington says to (13:02): you'll get in your membership package- it rocks

thechemist09 says to Gemz (13:02): what do u do in your free time?

chesterbennington says to (13:03): I'd have to meet that person to tell you. I met Sting and I wasn't all like WOW STING and I didnt cry. I met Elton John, super sweet nice person but I wasnt like gushing. But I meat Robert Smith and I kind of freak out a little bit.

chesterbennington says to (13:03): Even though I really liked meeting Sting.

LPHybrid says to (13:03): WXYZ please submit your questions, thank you TUV. {smile_smiley}

LPHybrid says to (13:04): i met paul mccartney and went craaaaaaaaaaaaazy.

Gemz says to (13:04): I'm so jealous of you jeanne

WhiteFerret says to (13:04): All the Chester Whores over on LPMB send you their love and say Hi. We were wondering, which superhero would you want to be and why, and is that in any way reflected on the sound of your upcoming solo album? -Maria, Finland

YeahLP says to (13:04): First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, all the way from Denmark. You said that it would be gross working with dead people, lol, but if You could get one dead rock star back from the dead, who would it be? Helene & Andrй DK

yuka says to (13:05): how do you feel about LP doing solo activites? btw,Your soulful singing really touched my heart and thank you for being my inspiration.

WesleyBR says to (13:05): What's up Chaz? I'm Wesley from Brazil, glad to be here with you! What we can expect of different for your solo album? Will have swear-words in your solo album? I wait that not.
Thank you so much for being here... Merry Xmas!

chesterbennington says to (13:05): The only person that is dead that I would want to come back would be miss M Monroe

zztineofie says to (13:06): hi chester. just wanted to say that i think your the most important person on planet. So heres my question: are you going to scream much on LP`s next cd? and if you coming to a city near me I will challenge you to a scream competition. LOL.!

chesterbennington says to (13:06): That's really nice, thank you. I think it's cool, anything that keeps the band musically charged and helps us broaden our minds and open us up to new things, will only benefit Linkin Park. I think it's really actually something that
makes us all better.

chesterbennington says to (13:07):
It's really weird, I just don't cuss within my songs on my solo album.

LPHybrid says to (13:07): ABC and numbers please submit your questions. no other letters.

chesterbennington says to (13:08): It's hard for me to put words I use freely every day into the songs for some reason. The only cussing you'll ever hear me do is when I'm singing someone else's song.

CrimsonDecember says to undergrounddivanz (13:08): Hello chester...me luvs you and lp cause your such a big part of my life and u rock.i was wandring do you like to watch anime?and if so whats your fav. anime?

chazgrl says to (13:08): hey chester, i heard about ur solo project and i was wondering what kind of stuff is gonna be on it ? ps: *i wuv u*_ jade {kiss_smiley,heart_smiley}

chesterbennington says to (13:08): Everything on the record is different than Linkin Park. Even the way I am singing is my own sound, it sounds different.

chesterbennington says to (13:08): In every way.

chesterbennington says to (13:08): But good!

CrawlingInMySkin says to (13:08): Now that you and Mike both went seperate ways by writing lyrics on your own has that now changed the way you both write and put your lyrics together? Merry Christmas and good luck in 2006. Michelle

Hi Chester, when did you first take an interest in music and when did you start to think about it seriously as a career path? - Merry Christmas and a happy New Year ---Callum6052 , Australia. {bye_smiley}

chesterbennington says to (13:09): Screaming competition sounds like fun, I look forward to that.

CrzyCanadian says to (13:09): Congrats on the solo, I can't wait to hear it! My question is, did you find it difficult to divide your attention between the solo and writing with LP? Bucket O' Weenies rocks! \m/ {laugh_smiley}

chesterbennington says to (13:09): I would have to say that after listening to some ideas with Mike the other night, kicking around ideas on new music, put it this way, I couldn't go into the studio the next day because of all the screaming I did.

chesterbennington says to (13:09): There will be A LOT of screaming.

cp712 says to chesterbennington (13:09): First of all, Merry Christmas – Chester (Soulful Chaz), when writing lyrics for a new album what kind of ritual or relaxation methods do you use? (Examples: do you light candles, dress up as the Chemist, or play Xbox before you write) LPU Dallas, Texas

chesterbennington says to (13:10): My screaming seems to get harder and more disgusting every time I do it.

chesterbennington says to (13:10): I had to go home and go to bed after I was working on the music at Mike's.

bri14seiya says to (13:10): everytime i go on stage I get stage fright, how do you deal with being on stage with so many people?

chesterbennington says to (13:11): No, Mike and I pretty much write the same way. The only difference when writing our own stuff is you are on your own. If you find yourself stuck on something you don't have the other person to help you so it's more difficult. Mike is a great writer

chesterbennington says to (13:11): people seem to like the way i write, the workload is a little lighter (not much but a little) when we write together.

chesterbennington says to (13:12): There's really no ritual.

chesterbennington says to (13:12): Rock n roll.

chesterbennington says to (13:12): 3 more questions k?

LPHybrid says to (13:12): ok

LPHybrid says to (13:13): DEF, please

chesterbennington says to (13:13): I really get off on being on stage, it's like the best drug in the world being on stage, it does it for me.

Energy says to undergrounddivanz (13:13): Hey Chester, Before the Breaking the Habit DVD we were told about some Meteora remixes that were in the works (reanimation style). Have these been canned? What about the Team Sleep version of My December, any chance of a listen? Good luck with LP & solo!

Dannyboy05 says to chesterbennington (13:13): first of all can you say hi to my brother who is in hospital having his leg opperated on i know he would love to see you any the question what do you think to the new fort minor songs? and would you feature in any of them? hope the new album goes well {smile_smiley}

chesterbennington says to (13:13): For me, I kind of think to myself, even in the early days, people are coming here to watch bands, so all you have to do is NOT SUCK. Kick everyone's ass.

darknessovrme says to (13:13): whats the setting like around you when you are writing for your solo album or the new LP album?-merry christmas from Yak, Crubi, Kodachi, and Jes<me>

chesterbennington says to (13:13): When you are a musician and you do it in the arena we're doing it, we're up against the best people in the world, we want to be the best in the world, you can't be afraid to do it.

chesterbennington says to (13:14): You think being on stage is very egotisical, but in order to do it right you have to kind of get over yourself. Cause you aren't doing it for you, you are doing it for everyone else.

emmy says to Gemz (13:15): Hi,Chaz! I'm just wondering if "The Morning After" on Underworld: Evolution Soundtrack is the same version that you did on ur solo album? if not,How they're different? Thanks! LP fans in Thailand "Say Hi (Sawasdee) to you *smile*

chesterbennington says to (13:15): Thinking about a bunch of people out there for me, I figure if I wasnt good i wouldn't be on stage.

chesterbennington says to (13:16): No, they are not the same. Amir and Fu did a remix version of the song that's not as heavy and is a little more electronically driven, but fits the style of the movie better than the original version, that will be on my record.

chesterbennington says to (13:16): One rocks harder, one parties harder.

chesterbennington says to (13:16): OK last question got to pick up my kid {smile_smiley}

Eiluj says to chesterbennington (13:16): Hey chaz! wht is music to you? You are awsome, Merry Cristmas!!!

chesterbennington says to (13:16): 2 totally different environments.

chesterbennington says to (13:16): With Linkin Park we work in pairs and groups.

chesterbennington says to (13:17): With my solo stuff I kind of lived with Ryan while I made it so it was a totally different environment.

chesterbennington says to (13:17): We'd have parties and friends over WHILE i was recording. People would come in and listen. Very laid back and relaxed.

LPHybrid says to (13:17): ryan's sweet

LPHybrid says to (13:17): pleasure to hang out with.

LPHybrid says to (13:17): {smile_smiley}

chesterbennington says to (13:18): We held true to certain important security measures, but people around got to hear it. But that would never happen on a LP record, it's more confined and serious.

chesterbennington says to (13:18): Just a different style.

chesterbennington says to (13:18): On my album we recorded everything in one room

chesterbennington says to (13:18): My kid could be on the couch playing video games.

LPHybrid says to (13:18): we're all looking forward to hearing it {smile_smiley}

chesterbennington says to (13:18): Very relaxing and different.

chesterbennington says to (13:18): LP is much more regimented, more like a MACHINE.

chesterbennington says to (13:19): Finely tuned machine or race car is LP.

chesterbennington says to (13:19): Really tight and really good.

chesterbennington says to (13:19): Thank you so much for coming to the chat.

chesterbennington says to (13:19): You guys are awesome, LP fans are the BEST.

LPHybrid says to (13:19): thank you for stopping by

chesterbennington says to (13:19): Look forward to talking to you guys again sometime.

LPHybrid says to (13:19): it's been a pleasure!

undergrounddivanz says to (13:19): {smile_smiley}

LPHybrid says to (13:19): please do

*** (13:19): chesterbennington lost connection, left the room


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