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Record Store Day 2019: Transformers Vinyls w/ Linkin Park


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Linkin Park has announced a Record Store Day vinyl release for April 13, 2019.


This year, the release will be Transformers special edition vinyls with Linkin Park songs "New Divide" (T2), "What I've Done" (T1), and "Iridescent" (T3). It is unclear yet as to which version of "Iridescent" will appear on the vinyl - the album version on A Thousand Suns, or the "Energy Up Version" aka radio edit of the track. The release is composed of three different vinyls, one for each Transformers release and they are purple, green, and brown (respectively). 


Will you be picking up the release?


Let us know what you think in the Newswire thread here.

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