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We Are Back!


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Welcome back to LPLive!

We apologize for our downtime in January and most of February. Long story short, the site experienced some difficulties with hosting and we thought our data had become corrupted. We have moved to a new host, recovered all of the data, and have spent time upgrading the site to a new version... what we will call LPLive 6.0.


As the site is not completely finished, you will run into some things that we are still working on. Related Acts, Julien-K, etc are still a work in progress as we have been focusing on Linkin Park and Mike Shinoda for the time being. The show page template needs some work and there are some smaller formatting things we are working on. You'll also notice show page galleries and the homepage right hand side menu are not back yet, but they are coming.


Thanks for sticking around and we're excited for the new possibilities with the site that we can do with LPL 6.0.


Let us know what you think in the Newswire thread here.

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