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Slow Ya Roll


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I'm sure most people know of the track ''Slow Ya Roll'' by Young Buck, which features Chester on vocals. If not, the link above will give you all the info that you need on the track.


However, I recently came across a picture, from the MTV VMA's 2005 Party in Miami. We know that Mike and Styles Of Beyond were there, as well as Chester, who was shown in many pictures from the event alongside them. Jay-Z was also there, but that's besides the point.




That's Chester with Young Buck and Ryu and Cheapshot of Styles Of Beyond. I'm wondering if possibly this event is where Young Buck met Chester and that's how the collaboration came to be? Perhaps the song was recorded back in 2005 but wasn't released until March 2007, when Young Buck's album came out. Wouldn't be too strange, since stuff like that happens with albums all the time, especially back in the older days when digital music wasn't as it is today, etc. Chester's vocals kind of sound like pre-Minutes To Midnight as well, IMO. It's also entirely possible that they just met at this party and became somewhat friends or whatever, and Buck ended up calling Chester in 2007 to record the vocals for a song.


Just thought it was cool.

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