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Tour Debut - New Show Page Note


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Hey, guys. Given how much Mike has been changing up setlist recently, we've decided that we're going to start listing "Tour Debut" as a song note on the show pages. Here's a guidelines as to what qualifies as a tour debut and what doesn't:


  1. This is the first time on that tour the song was played.
  2. If there are rotating setlists (i.e. Set A, Set B, etc.), then the song is a tour debut IF it was not performed in any of the other sets.
  3. If performed on different leg of the tour that took place a significant amount of time after the initial leg ended, the first performance of the song on that leg is a tour debut.
  4. If the song is performed for the first time on an album cycle, then it is considered a tour debut
  5. Songs performed for the first time in a new setlist do NOT count as a tour debut.
  6. A song performed at a soundcheck for the first time is NOT considered a tour debut.


We're slowly working out the specific distinctions of what counts and what doesn't (if you have any ideas, feel free to let us know), so we'll probably be updating this quite a bit. We're currently just adding these notes to the Mike Shinoda pages ('Petrified,' 'High Road,' 'Cigarettes,' etc.), but we will eventually go back and add them into the Linkin Park setlists.

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