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LP Tribute & Chester Memorial Show in MD: 7/20


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I'll keep the introduction short...I've been an off/on LPL member since the inception and joined LPU for 4.0. My growth as a person and a musician has been parallel to being a lifer LP fan in many ways and through the circumstances following the curation of the Bristow, VA memorial for Chester last year with a few friends that are LPL members, myself and said friends formed an MD/VA/DC-based LP tribute band. Our tribute band is called The Linkin Park Experience.


Fast forward to now (after months of routinely intensive practice, one electric show, and a few acoustic gigs) we are embarking on our biggest undertaking yet which is hosting a full set on July 20th at Milkboy Arthouse in College Park, MD (close to Washington DC). In addition to our discography-spanning LP set, our friends in Original Pranksters (Offspring tribute) and local rapper Ardamus will be rounding out the bill along with our friend Raman Van Rijn exhibiting his excellent Chester portraits.


The net proceeds from the show will be donated to mental health awareness/suicide prevention advocacies and we intend for this show to be joyous and uplifting in continuing to perpetuate our mutual love of LP and Chester, as well as hosting a central location on the East Coast for fans to congregate.


I hope this post finds whomever is looking for a venue and a means to spend 7/20 with the LP family amongst a community that is still grieving but also energized with our continued passion for the band and honoring Chester's legacy. Admins/Mark/whomever: please feel free to redirect this post to the appropriate thread if need be and (on behalf of LPXP) we hope to see our community in full force on the 20th.


As always, let's continue to make Chester proud! The link for the show is attached below. Thank you for your time.




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Damn, if I lived in the area, I'd probably go. 7/20 is going to be a super hard day. I hope tons of fans go to this. Sounds cool.


Much appreciated man! We're very excited to continue to put together shows and setlists that would make diehards like us stoked! We may have the show webcasted for our fans abroad like we did for our show in Baltimore back in May.

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