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Uncasville, CT 2012


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I was really, REALLY excited for this show. I was obsessing about it for months before. At the time of this show, I was going through a really shitty period in my life, however. My girlfriend was a drug addict, but also a liar and just not a good person overall. It was really affecting my life in a very negative way at the time of this show. She was going with me to this show and my Grandma was driving us to the show, because I just didn't want to drive, and she has always offered to drive me to concerts, like she did in 2007. The morning of the show, when we were basically getting ready to leave, my Grandma found out that a bunch of money was missing that she had saved up for the trip. My girlfriend had been known to steal money for drugs and I also wasn't trusted amongst my family at that point, either, so it overall just plain sucked. But it's assumed that she stole the money at some point since she was over her house a lot. Either way, she still decided to drive us. The ride down was awkward as fuck and really shitty. I felt like shit and I was pissed at the entire situation because I had a gut feeling that my girlfriend did actually do it. It ruined the hype for the show almost completely for me. Once we finally got to the venue, I just wanted to wait in line to see Linkin Park. I didn't want to do anything else. My girlfriend was being a bitch and didn't want to wait, so she went to walk around the casino or something. Keep in mind that the line to get in was in the middle of the casino, indoors, etc. Anyways, Mark from LPL was at the show and I remember he came over and said whats up, etc. I'm not sure if I made a good first impression since I was severely depressed and pissed off and just out of it in general but I said hello, etc. The guy in front of me was kind of annoying, too, which didn't help my mood. I remember he had some Fort Minor tattoo or something and he just acted like he was better than anyone there, which was strange, since it was a Linkin Park show, not a Fort Minor show. LOL. Another weird thing though was that this girl that I used to be good friends with was also at the show, way up in the seats. I didn't see her during the show, but it's worth mentioning. My girlfriend hated her, too, which was another awkward thing to happen at this show. My girlfriend finally came back and we waited for a little while longer until we were finally let in.


We got right up front, on the barrier, which was cool. Mutemath took a while to come on from when we were let in. I wasn't really a fan of Mutemath at the time of this show, but I thought they put on an alright performance for what it was worth. My girlfriend hated them. After Mutemath ended, we waited a while longer and Linkin Park was ready to play. Due to my horrible mood, it felt like forever. They opened with With You, featuring the epic Games Of Thrones intro, not heard in the DSP recording due to legal reasons. I loved it, was definitely an epic as hell opener. Next up were Faint and Given Up. I remember really loving Given Up, as Chester's screams hit me hard, all the anger and depression and negative feelings were coming out of me during it. I actually teared up out of anger during it. I started getting really pumped up at that point and pissed and I let out my aggression during VICTIMIZED/Qwerty. I remember kicking the barrier and just rocking out, even though nobody around me was during that song. It was an epic performance of it, too, one of the best ones of the tour, IMO. I loved seeing IN MY REMAINS, I love that song on the album and it was cool seeing it live. When They Come For Me sounded epic as fuck, too. Really cool song. The Catalyst also sounded amazing. I love both of those songs. LOST IN THE ECHO was awesome, definitely a highlight of the set for me, I remember rocking the fuck out during that one, too. Bleed It Out was also cool and we got to see Sabotage for the first time. What I've Done and One Step Closer closed out the show. Once the show was done, I remember standing there on the barrier and thinking ''fuck, now what?''. Not a good feeling to have after just seeing your favorite band tear up a venue.


After the show, we headed back out into the casino to meet my Grandma, who was obviously driving us back home. I remember thinking about what was going to happen with my relationship, the next few shows I was going to, everything. I was sick over it. I didn't eat anything after the show due to being so sick. Man, it was such a bad time in my life...

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