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Selling Rare Merchandise


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Hey Fam,

It's been a few years since I have logged in (and I am not sure whether this is the right place to do it?) however I have a few things that might interest you.


I am currently saving up to fix up my late grandfather's truck, for travel, for university, etc. and am looking to sell some of my Linkin Park merchandise I have collected over the years.

Among the list is a Hybrid Theory t shirt from when Linkin Park were still called Hybrid Theory, a signed copy of Living Things on vinyl, a Hybrid Theory EP (the LPU1 reissue), and a few other bits and pieces that are not quite as rare such as the Faint 7", numbered Crawling CD / DVD single, and LPU merch.

I will start posting a few things up over the next few days but I thought I would gauge interest to see whether or not this is something worth doing here.



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I'm actually interested in some of those items... As I always wanted to have the Hybrid Theory EP I'd be really happy to pick up the LPU1 reissue! Or maybe the Crawling CD / DVD single aswell as some LPU merch would be amazing. Still, if I'm actually going to buy anything it'll be just one of these as the price is probably extremely high...

So that's what I want know first: For what price are you willing to sell those items (The problem is that I still don't want to pay that much money for it)? And which countries will be available for shipping?

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