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LINKIN PARK 2016 Album

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So, even though we can all agree that The Hunting Party is an amazing album, after it performed sub par commercially, and there was a lot of discussion amongst the record label as to its playability on the radio, I have a feeling that this years album will feature less heavy music and more radio friendly stuff. They have already talked about it being "melodic" and they have worked with people who are more indie like Connor Youngblood and the bonfires, so this makes me believe that the album could sound very indie and alternative. I think that this could be great for the band commercially as it could move into the growing Indie culture and gain more fans. However I am worried that pressure from the labels, and the weight of having to perform comercially may make the band release songs that will cater to a different audience that the fan base has already set up. In either case, I think it could be a great year for LP. Thoughts?

Another thing to note, Chester has relieved his duties to STP, which will allow him to focus on LP more. This is great because he wasn't involved in the writing process that much during the production on THP as he was touring. Even though the lyrics on THP are great, they lacked some of the emotion and passion of previous albums that Chester was involved in. Just some more thoughts 😂

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