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Chester's Tattoos


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I think it would be good to know how many tattoos Chester has. Here's a picture of Chester's tattoos:

1. The crest on the chest with the initials of Chester, his wife and four children. At the center of the composition - rose (by the initials of Chester and his wife, the initials of the children).

2. The inscription Linkin Park on the lower back - everything is clear J
3. A soldier with wings on the cover of the album Hybrid Theory on the back of the left leg
4. Dragon on the right side of the right leg (as Chester was born in the Year of the Dragon). Photo after a recent operation on her ankle - by the way, it is clear that the Dragon Chester modified (rannya version was different - playing card. The new - here).
5. Red and blue and have already become legendary flames at the hands (from wrist to elbow)
6. Pirate skull with eye patch on his left elbow
7. Skull rose eye-diamond on his right elbow
8. Web on his right elbow over the skull - forms with him composition
9. The six-armed creature top center back (InkedMag calls his six-armed alien, there is also a version of "zombie gypsy"). Himself Chester says this tattoo follows: "A tattoo artist friend told me, 'When you're onstage you have an ability to reach out and make every person in the room feel like you're performing for them'"

10. Koi fish on the forearms (right and left) * * Important note: on his left forearm, generally speaking, koi, and the sign of the zodiac - Pisces. However, many sources claim that this koi. I think the thing dragons (next paragraph), which came later and made the combination a tattoo on his left forearm and shoulder conceptual (again, details in the next section). Another note: some sort of waves and leaves around the koi in the right forearm appeared immediately, they did later Chester
11. The dragons on their shoulders, symbolizing the end of the road koi (on the right and the left; another story - Waterfall Legend). In short: for the perseverance and determination of the gods turned into a golden koi dragon - a symbol of power and strength.
12. An engagement ring on the ring finger of his left hand. I think there's nothing to explain is not necessary - this beautiful story, and so everyone knows
13. Birthstone - symbolizing the birth month of Chester - March - in a gold ring. Tattoo made him free for his 21 birthday
14. Another two dragon on the back (on the right and left parts of it). Here I should note that in addition to the Dragons in time to a lonely six-armed essentially added a certain pattern in the form of clouds. This pattern for a single tattoo I did not think.
15. tattoo on the inside of the right hand (at the fold arms) - a woman face.
16. Unidentified tattoo (very similar to the card suits - spades) directly over №12 (right above the ring). In the early group photo and Chester this small detail there.

Total: 19 tattoo. As I count: flames considered one of the tattoo. Paragraphs 10, 11 and 14 - for 2 to paragraph 10 is 100% true - watch notes thereto. Ornament in the form of clouds on the back of the individual tattoos are not considered (see point 14).

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