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Julien-K working with Mumiy Troll


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Mumiy Troll, a Russian alternative rock group, has finished their second English language album called Malibu Alibi, which was recorded in studios of Moscow and Los Angeles and is scheduled to be released in early 2015.


According to the band's official webpage, the song "Speed" features guitars by Amir Derakh and the song "Golden Heart" features bass and beats by Anthony 'Fu' Valcic.

Although most of the album was produced by Mumiy Troll's frontman Iliya Lagutenko, Julien-K was also credited for co-producing and mixing one of the album's singles, "Flow Away" (a re-recording/remix of a 1997 song of theirs called "Utekay"). The song was released in English, Mandarin and Russian versions.


Malibu Alibi tracklist:

  1. Speed (feat. Amir Derakh)
  2. Vitamins
  3. Flow Away (Utekay) (feat. WuMeiGui)
  4. The Girl
  5. My Luck (feat. Keefus Ciancia)
  6. Golden Heart (feat. Anthony 'Fu' Valcic)
  7. Swimming With Sharks
  8. All of Mine
  9. November


The two groups had previously worked together on the Hey Tovarish! Remixes EP.


Watch the official "Flow Away" music video below:


Thanks to Skipees for the heads up.

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Co-produced & recorded by Amir Derakh & Anthony 'Fu' Valcic
Recorded in Southern California at Julien-K Studio & Synthicide Studio





“Golden Heart”



“Swimming with Sharks”


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