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Favorite LPU?


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This isn't just a ''what is your favorite LPU album'' thread. I'm talking about your favorite year in general, in terms of album, website, LPU videos, LPU pics, etc. The LPU almost always changes each year in all of those aspects. I've been a LPU member since 3.0 and it has changed drastically over the years. Honestly, LPU13 has been growing on me. The album is pretty great and is my second favorite LPU album at this point (LPUX coming first). I like the website this year and the soccer jersey is awesome. I have only one complaint; the PLUGAIR. Tons and tons of members are having issues with their phones not reading the PlugAir device, even when they have the proper phone and are following all the instructions, etc. I am one of those people. Sucks.


Anyways, my favorite LPU of all is probably 6.0. I loved the CD at the time (finally two new studio tracks from LP after YEARS of waiting) and also the live performances on that CD were really great, I even love BTH from that release, the Summer Sonic '06 tour was one of LP's best tours of their career IMO. I loved the simplicity of the website back then and the LPU videos were just epic around that time. I liked the shirt design (black and green with cool logo) and the wristband was also awesome.


My least favorite LPU of all is probably LPU12. I know, I know, people wouldn't expect that because of all the MTM demos on there. But the MTM demos weren't good... honestly. I did like Homecoming a lot but it really sucked that it had no vocals. I do also like So Far Away but the rest of the demos on that CD just suck IMO. The website was a super pain in the ass with whatever design they had and I think the LPU videos weren't that great for it, either. The shirt fell apart after a few washes like most people and that has never happened to me with any other LPU shirt in the past.

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