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Private Party in LA on August 18th


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there are some hints on facebook that JK performed on a private party in Los Angeles tonight (after midnight):


Eli James: "bout to roCk a private party w my julienk brothers!!!!! kinda making me stoked for RUSSIA next week!!!"


and some other posts, e.g. this one: "As if this trip couldn't get any better... Today I'll be seeing my friends and Matt's Chance composers, Julien-K, perform live for the first time at a private show in LA! . Their musical genius has been an inspiration to me since High School...and I wrote the Matt's Chance script with Edi Zanidache while listening to their album on repeat ... This is going to be a great day."



anyone knows more about this show?

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I personally tweeted AMir about it and he told me it was on Saturday and here's the setlist


1. Palm Springs Reset

2. Colorcast

3. California Dreams

4. You Can’t Take It Away

5. Breakfast In Berlin

6. We’re Here With You

7. Fail With Grace

8. Cast Into The Sea (Acoustic)

9. I’ll Try Not To Destroy You

10. Surrounded By Cowards

11. Kick The Bass

12. Cruel Daze Of Summer

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