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Waiting To Be Liberated List


This is a list of every Linkin Park song that has been played live consistently at some point. For a list of what is NOT included in this list (like the Iridescent (Energy Up Version)) click here.


We took a poll of this exact list of songs in February 2013 to see what songs fans wanted to see brought back the MOST and the top songs (in order) were: Figure.09, P5hng Me A*wy, Don't Stay, Reading My Eyes and Easier To Run. Honorable mentions that all had three digit vote numbers include And One, High Voltage (Reprise Version), By Myself, The Little Things Give You Away, Wretches & Kings and No More Sorrow.




Luckily, the number one song, High Voltage (Reprise Version), has a proshot video of the last time it was ever played - at the 2001 headline show at London's Docklands Arena. We released a full DVD of that show in 2012, which you can get here. Just click play above to view what's considered one of the most signature live performances by the band ever.


In 2014-2015, four songs were liberated since this list was created. Wake was liberated at a one-off show in Las Vegas in January 2014. Forgotten, By Myself, and Cure For The Itch were liberated at Download 2014. Coincidentally, all four of these songs were played just once with their liberation. None of them stuck around in the setlist after the liberation show! Cure For The Itch appears in the bottom list.


Additionally, with the debut of the new setlist in 2014, several of these songs appeared in mashups in the setlists but never in full. Mike also rapped verses of High Voltage and Hands Held High over his solo medley in 2014.


With the return of Fort Minor, Mike took an online poll in fall 2015 for fans to select a song to add to the Fort Minor setlist. High Voltage won, and Mike performed a new remix version of it starting at the Berlin show. It's worth the mention on this page since it was the first time both verses of the song have been rapped at the same show since fall 2001 (14 years prior), but it does not count for the liberation list as Linkin Park did not perform the song.


List of songs waiting to be liberated: (in order, including the date last played)

Songs that are crossed out have been liberated.


High Voltage (Reprise Version) (Last played Sept 16, 2001) [Featured partially in the Mike Solo Medley in 2014]

And One (Last played Feb 5, 2002)

Forgotten (Last played Feb 24, 2002) [LIBERATED AT DOWNLOAD 2014]

Step Up (Last played March 2, 2002 / last played in 2004 medley on Sept 11, 2004)

Hit The Floor (Last played April 26, 2003)

Easier To Run (Last played April 26, 2003)

By Myself (Last played Oct 29, 2003) [LIBERATED AT DOWNLOAD 2014]

Figure.09 (Last played Sept 11, 2004)

A.06 (Last played Sept 5, 2004) (Only played a few times)

Nobody's Listening (Last played March 15, 2004 / last played in the 2004 medley on Sept 11, 2004)

It's Goin' Down (Last played March 15, 2004 / last played in the 2004 medley on Sept 11, 2004)

My December (Last played March 15, 2004 / piano version played in 2006 and early 2008)

P5hng Me A*wy (Last played March 15, 2004)

QWERTY (Last played Aug 21, 2007 / Mashed up with VICTIMIZED in 2012-2013)

Hands Held High (Last played March 7, 2008 / Mike rapped both verses on PR08 and in 2009) [Featured partially in the Mike Solo Medley in 2014]

In Between (Last played March 10, 2008)

Reading My Eyes (Last played June 25, 2008)

Valentine's Day (Last played June 27, 2008)

Pushing Me Away (Last played Aug 21, 2008)

Don't Stay (Last played Aug 24, 2008)

In Pieces (Last played Aug 24, 2008)

Wake (Last played March 22, 2008) [LIBERATED IN LAS VEGAS IN 2014]

Wake 2.0 (Last played Aug 24, 2008)

The Little Things Give You Away (Last played Aug 23, 2008)

Session (Last played July 19, 2009) [Featured partially in the Joe Solo Medley in 2014-2015]

The Radiance (Last played Sept 14, 2010) [Featured partially in Castle Of Glass in 2014-2015]


We do not consider songs "waiting to be liberated" if they were performed on the last world tour, but this is a list of all songs performed on the A Thousand Suns World Tour that were not performed on the Living Things World Tour or The Hunting Party World Tour:


Leave Out All The Rest (Last played Jan 25, 2011 / In a medley in 2012-2013)

Wretches And Kings (Last played Feb 28, 2011) [Featured partially in the Mike Solo Medley in 2014-2015]

Cure For The Itch (Last played Aug 30, 2011) [Featured partially in the Joe Solo Medley in 2014-2015] [LIBERATED AT DOWNLOAD 2014]

The Messenger (Last played Aug 31, 2011)

The Requiem (Last played Sept 23, 2011)

Burning In The Skies (Last played Sept 23, 2011)

Shadow Of The Day (Last played Sept 25, 2011 / In a medley in 2012-2013)

Iridescent (Last played Sept 25, 2011 / In a medley in 2012-2013)

Jornada Del Muerto (Last played Sept 25, 2011)

Wisdom, Justice, And Love (Last played Sept 25, 2011)

Fallout (Last played Sept 25, 2011)

No More Sorrow (Last played Sept 25, 2011)


Since The Hunting Party World Tour has ended, songs last played on the Living Things World Tour will be added shortly to another list below.

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