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"Live Around The World" Series




On May 30, 2012, Linkin Park announced:


"To celebrate the release of their new album LIVING THINGS on June 26, Linkin Park has partnered with Spotify to release a set of "best of" live compilations to correspond with each of their albums. These Spotify exclusive albums contain some of the band's favorite live performances of each song through the years and will be released each week leading up to June 26. Listen HERE starting May 31. To purchase full Linkin Park live recordings click HERE.


May 31th - Hybrid Theory: Live Around The World

June 5th - Meteora: Live Around The World

June 12th - Minutes to Midnight: Live Around The World

June 19th - A Thousand Suns: Live Around The World"


Via Spotify, iTunes and other online digital outlets, Linkin Park released a series of these compilations to fans to lead up to the Living Things release. All of the releases came from the band's Digital Souvenir Program (DSP) shows that were released between 2007 and 2012. However, due to some songs not being released via DSPs since they were not played live during that period (like Hit The Floor, Easier To Run, Forgotten, etc)....songs were missing from each release. Those are noted below.



Hybrid Theory - Live Around The World

Release Date: May 31, 2012



01. Papercut (Paris 2010.10.25)

02. One Step Closer (Frankfurt 2008.01.20)

03. Points Of Authority (Darling Harbour 2007.10.21)

04. Crawling (Athens 2009.07.21)

05. In The End (Melbourne 2010.12.13)

06. A Place For My Head (Köln 2008.01.21)

07. Cure For The Itch (Burswood 2007.10.18)

08. Pushing Me Away (Dallas 2007.08.04)


Missing: With You, Runaway, By Myself, and Forgotten.

Notes: With You and Runaway were performed in 2012 before this release, but were not released on DSPs until June 2012. By Myself was last performed in 2003 and Forgotten was last performed in 2002.

Highlights: Papercut's performance came on the day that the band celebrated the Hybrid Theory 10th Anniversary, in Paris. A Place For My Head was the special song at that show, but that version was not released here; instead, the version from Köln in 2008 is a really good one, being the fifth show of the European Tour (meaning the band was in fine shape) with an excellent crowd. One Step Closer came from the day before, in Frankfurt.



Meteora - Live Around The World

Release Date: June 5, 2012



01. Foreword/Don't Stay (Shanghai 2007.11.18)

02. Somewhere I Belong (Köln 2008.01.21)

03. Lying From You (New York City 2008.02.21)

04. Faint (Hamburg 2011.06.21)

05. Breaking The Habit (Hamburg 2011.06.21)

06. From The Inside (Homebush 2010.12.15)

07. Numb (New York City 2008.02.21)


Missing: Hit The Floor, Easier To Run, Figure.09, Nobody's Listening, and Session.

Notes: Hit The Floor and Easier To Run were last performed in 2003 and Figure.09 and Nobody's Listening were last performed in 2004. Session was performed in 2009, but the version was shorter than the studio version so that is possibly why it was omitted.

Highlights: Foreword/Don't Stay is from the band's first show ever in China. Somewhere I Belong comes from a great show in Germany in 2008, Lying From You and Numb are from Linkin Park's first show at Madison Square Garden, Faint and Breaking The Habit are from the LPU Summit #4 show in 2011, and From The Inside is from the LPU Summit #2 show in 2010.



Minutes To Midnight - Live Around The World

Release Date: June 12, 2012



01. Wake (Taipei 2007.11.16)

02. Given Up (Taipei 2009.08.13)

03. Leave Out All The Rest (Frankfurt 2008.01.20)

04. Bleed It Out (Melbourne 2010.12.13)

05. Shadow Of The Day (Melbourne 2010.12.13)

06. What I've Done (New York City 2008.02.21)

07. Hands Held High (Osaka 2007.11.27)

08. No More Sorrow (Taipei 2009.08.13)

09. Valentine's Day (Amneville 2008.01.17)

10. In Between (Paris 2008.01.22)

11. In Pieces (Köln 2008.01.21)

12. The Little Things Give You Away (Shanghai 2007.11.18)


Missing: Nothing!

Notes: Since the DSPs started for the Minutes To Midnight World Tour, this album lucked out and had performances from every song featured. Minutes To Midnight is also the last Linkin Park album to have every song on it performed live.

Highlights: Wake is from arguably (we say that term since we aren't 100% sure, but we are confident) the largest headlining show the band has played live...or at least in Asia. No More Sorrow and Given Up are from Taipei's 2009 show, which was a good performance. In Between was from the second performance ever of the song...the first time featured a vocal messup by Mike, so this one is a good one.



A Thousand Suns - Live Around The World

Release Date: June 19, 2012



01. The Requiem (London 2010.11.10)

02. Burning In The Skies (Hamburg 2011.06.21)

03. Empty Spaces / When They Come For Me (Paris 2010.10.25)

04. Jornada Del Muerto (Hamburg 2011.06.21)

05. Waiting For The End (Berlin 2010.10.20)

06. Blackout (Hamburg 2011.06.21)

07. Wretches And Kings (Las Vegas 2011.02.19)

08. Iridescent (Paris 2010.10.25)

09. The Catalyst (Paris 2010.10.25)

10. The Messenger (Las Vegas 2011.02.19)


Missing: The Radiance, Wisdom, Justice, & Love, and Fallout.

Notes: The DSPs were going strong at this point, meaning almost everything from this album was released as well. The Radiance was only performed once as it was on the album and that show had no DSP. WJL faced licensing issues from the MLK Jr. family, so that's probably why it isn't here. Fallout is a questionable omission since it was performed at almost every show of the touring cycle.

Highlights: The Requiem is from a sold out show in London for LPU Summit #1, Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me are from the fourth performance of the song, in Paris. The Catalyst is also from that show. Waiting For The End is from the sixth performance of the song, but the first in Europe. Blackout and Burning In The Skies are from LPU Summit #4 in Hamburg.

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