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LPLive "Did You Know" Facts




Due to this being requested, we have provided a list of all of the current "Did You Know" facts that are being rotated on the LPLive homepage. This list was inspired by four original facts that appeared on LPFuse, an older Linkin Park fansite, for years.


Number of facts: 186

Last Updated: April 2014



"Did You Know" Facts

  1. Linkin Park is an inspirational favorite of famed Twilight writer Stephenie Meyer. She thanks the band in the second book of the series, New Moon, as one of the bands that have been ''instrumental in staving off the writers' block.''
  2. We're not like other bands you know. We actually visit our website and care about our internet fans. We visit as many fan sites as possible.' - Mike Shinoda
  3. H! Vltg3' off of Reanimation samples a song called 'All For One' by the group Brand Nubian. It also samples 'Family' by Lamont Dozier (the main piano part comes from that song), which isn't credited in the liner notes, but the sample was still cleared by management.
  4. On the Meteora World Tour in 2004, Brad and Phoenix routinely swapped instruments to perform 'Nobody's Listening'.
  5. The song 'The Instrumental' that Mike Shinoda produced for Lupe Fiasco for his Food and Liquor album in 2006 has a music video that is unreleased to this day.
  6. One Step Closer closed every Linkin Park show from 2000 to early 2005. In 2006 in Japan, it was moved to end the main set before the encore, and in 2007, it started opening many shows.
  7. Session', 'Somewhere I Belong', and 'From The Inside' were some of the earliest Meteora demos, dating back to mid-2001. The latter and 'Nobody's Listening' were the final three songs to be finished for the album.
  8. Linkin Park created a batch of songs for their second studio album in 2002 and then trashed them all, deciding it was their 'sophomore fluke album'. They then started sessions again and made what was eventually turned into Meteora.
  9. In 2003, the Linkin Park Street Team received promo stickers for Meteora without 'Hit The Floor' listed as a track. It is possible that the song originally wasn't going to be on the album!
  10. Many artists have joined the band on stage for 'One Step Closer' over the years. A few guests include Dilated Peoples, Marky Chavez (Adema), Wes Scantlin (Puddle Of Mudd), Sonny Sandovel (P.O.D.), Aaron Lewis (Staind), Jonathan Davis (Korn), Johan from Pia, Doug Robb (Hoobastank) and Dan Marsala (Story Of The Year).
  11. One Step Closer' and 'In The End' are a few of Chester's least favorite Linkin Park songs. When they initially made them, he thought neither was good enough to include on Hybrid Theory. He is more adamant about not enjoying 'Hit The Floor', 'Runaway', and 'Nobody's Listening', though.
  12. The song 'New Divide' (2009) was recorded solely for the purpose of being included in the film 'Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen'. The song was written in only several weeks.
  13. Even though the band hails from the Los Angeles, CA area and records there, they've actually recorded one full song in another city. 'My December' was recorded in Nashville, TN in 2000 for inclusion on a KROQ Christmas album. Parts of other songs have been recorded in other locations ('We Made It' in Taiwan, etc).
  14. The song 'High Voltage' from the Hybrid Theory EP (1999) was rerecorded and remade completely for inclusion on Hybrid Theory but later dropped.
  15. Rob recorded drums on a track with Dan The Automator in 2004. This track has never been released and no more information has ever surfaced.
  16. Linkin Park once performed a short cover of Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man' on the last show of Projekt Revolution 2003 in Rapid City, South Dakota. It was the only time the cover was ever performed.
  17. The band often covered part of Guns N' Roses' 'Sweet Child 'O Mine' randomly throughout 2001. The cover made a reappearance at the last show of Projekt Revolution 2004 and at one show on Projekt Revolution 2008 (being mashed with 'Bleed It Out').
  18. Chester recorded backing vocals for the chorus of 'Karma Killer' by Cyclefly, off of their 2002 album ''Crave''. It was his first guest appearance on an album with another artist.
  19. Chester recorded a version of Nine Inch Nails' 'Head Like a Hole' with Korn, for inclusion on their ''Korn Kovers'' CD. The project has been delayed indefinitely and likely will never be released.
  20. Chester recorded a track with DJ Lethal (of Limp Bizkit) entitled 'State of the Art', originally scheduled for Lethal's scrapped solo project. Part of the track debuted on 99X's ''Scratch-and-Sniff'' program in 2004 and was released in full by LPLive in 2009 after DJ Lethal sent the recording. Chester reportedly is not a fan of the song.
  21. Chester recorded vocals for a track with The Visionaries, but the track has never been released.
  22. Chester occasionally performed 'Dead and Bloated' live with the Stone Temple Pilots on the Family Values Tour in 2001.
  23. Chester performed a live rendition of Pantera's 'Walk' with Disturbed on the Ozzfest tour in 2001.
  24. Chester performed 'Fiction' live with Orgy at The Vault in Los Angeles, CA in October 2004.
  25. Ryu from Styles of Beyond recorded a verse for a version of 'WTH
  26. Several Reanimation b-sides have been released: 'Buy Myself' by Marilyn Manson (on the 'Pts.Of.Athrty' single) and 'Points Of Authority' by Crystal Method (on the LPU 2.0 CD).
  27. Several other Reanimation-era songs have never seen the light of day. One song, a Team Sleep remix of 'My December' was considered 'too dark' for the album.
  28. A.06' was originally a full song demo (which was released on LPU 9) but later was shortened and included on the LPU 2 CD. The original song had lyrics at one point,
  29. QWERTY' was the first Linkin Park song (and only to date) to premiere live without being recorded beforehand. It was first played in 2006 in Japan and then recorded for inclusion on the LPU 6 CD.
  30. Mike covered 'Just Like Heaven' (The Cure) and 'Umbrella' (Rihanna) several times on keyboard and vocals during the Minutes To Midnight touring cycle in 2008.
  31. Towards the end of the 'Making of Breaking The Habit' DVD, a black and white montage is shown. The full length clip, intended to express emotions, was supposed to appear on Frat Party 2.
  32. The second Frat Party DVD, scheduled for release in late 2003, was scrapped for the Live In Texas DVD. Instead, the footage was released in another series of LPTV in 2007.
  33. Standing In The Middle' from the LPU 4 CD was a song recorded by Motion Man and KutMasta Kurt (featuring Mike) for their 2002 album "Clearing The Field". It did not make the album and was released to the LPU instead.
  34. Linkin Park played the song 'Reading My Eyes', a Xero song from 1997, on a few occasions in 2006 and 2008. Mike has rapped the first verse of the song over 'Points Of Authority' and 'Bleed It Out' several times as well.
  35. The band performed a partial cover of Jet's 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl?' at a show in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2004. Due to a dare, Mike came out from backstage wearing a suit jacket and a hat similar to the one worn by Jet's drummer in the music video for the song.
  36. Part of Me' (Hybrid Theory EP) was written around a sample of a car alarm recorded by Brad.
  37. The band attempted to record a song in one day for the Machine Shop Mixtape (scheduled for release in 2006), but when they got into the studio to record, the whole song fell apart and was never finished.
  38. To audition for the band, Chester recorded vocals over the 4 Xero tracks to send to the guys. To date, the tracks have never been released.
  39. A song entitled 'Pictureboard' (from the Xero days) was played once in 2000 and never ended up seeing the light of day.
  40. A version of the song 'Esaul' (which later became 'A Place For My Head') was written with the band Xero. Chester said he recorded a version of it to audition for the band.
  41. Due to injuries, Chester forced the band to cancel an entire European Tour (and part of Projekt Revolution) in 2003, which included an appearance at the Rock am Ring and Pinkpop Festivals.
  42. From 2002 to 2010, the band only played in Mexico once (2002) and South America once (Brazil in 2004). They returned to Brazil in 2010 (one show) and Mexico (two shows) in 2012.
  43. Due to half of the band arriving late, Chester and Mike played a full keyboard and vocal-only version of 'Breaking The Habit' to open a July 2008 show in Toronto. It was the only time the song has been performed that way.
  44. The last performance of the Hybrid Theory EP song 'And One' (played often in 2001) was February 5, 2002.
  45. After not playing the studio version in over six years, Linkin Park resurrected the song 'Pushing Me Away' in 2008 on their summer European Tour.
  46. At the Madison Square Garden show in 2008, Jay-Z joined the band for two songs in the encore - half of 'Numb/Encore' and an extended version of 'Jigga What/Faint'.
  47. Jay-Z has joined Linkin Park at seven shows since 2004 to rap on various songs. There are two Linkin Park live DVDs that feature Jay-Z on them - Collision Course (2004) and Road To Revolution (2008).
  48. On the Meteora World Tour in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia, members of the opening bands came out with roadies with inflatable penises and full bondage gear on during 'One Step Closer' to end the tour.
  49. Dead By Sunrise, Chester's side project, played three songs in the first encore of Linkin Park's set at six shows in 2009.
  50. Linkin Park was forced to cancel a short tour (5 shows; Music For Relief Asian Benefit Tour) and one other show (Las Vegas) in October 2008 due to Chester injuring his back while playing with his kid.
  51. On Projekt Revolution 2008, Chris Cornell joined the band on stage during the second verse of 'Crawling' to lend his vocals.
  52. A demo of the hit single 'One Step Closer' surfaced and released by 4 fansites (including LPLive) together in February 2008.
  53. A Hybrid Theory-era demo entitled 'She Couldn't' found its way to eBay in 2009 on a previously unheard of 8 track demo CD. It was bought and released exclusively on LPLive in May. Due to 3 TB of data from the CD download by the end of the month, the website almost crashed!
  54. Chester has once climbed on top of a porta-potty during a show in Miami, Florida in 2001 and sang part of 'Points Of Authority' from there!
  55. On the Summer Sanitarium Tour in 2003 with Metallica and at some Projekt Revolution 2004 shows, Brad and Chester smashed a guitar after 'A Place For My Head' near the end of the set.
  56. While opening for Metallica in Dublin, Ireland in 2003 for the Reading Festival, the band was bottled and booed at throughout the entire show. Members of Linkin Park have called it the "hardest show we have ever played".
  57. The demo version of 'Enth E Nd' from Reanimation had Mike's original Hybrid Theory verses in the song, Mike wrote new verses later on for the final album version. The demo version has never been released.
  58. Two demo titles from the Meteora recording sessions remain a mystery - 'Nocturnal' and 'Shifter.' Whether these are working titles for songs that made the album or songs that didn't make the cut is unknown.
  59. While in Asia in 2009, Mike rapped the first verse of 'Dedicated' (1999 demo released on LPU 2) over the intro to 'Points Of Authority' twice. It was the first time he had performed any portion of the song live, ever.
  60. Mike recorded a verse for a DJ Whoo Kid mixtape in 2005. The song, and presumably the entire mixtape, remain unreleased.
  61. Mike remixed an unknown U2 song sometime in late 2004 or early 2005. The remix remains unreleased and no further info is known about it.
  62. Mike remixed 'Enjoy The Silence' by Depeche Mode for inclusion on their 'Remixes 81-04' box set.
  63. Mike remixed several Linkin Park songs while on tour for Minutes To Midnight. 'What I''ve Done (Distorted Remix)' was released on the 'Bleed It Out' single while 'Leave Out All The Rest (M. Shinoda Remix)' was included on the 'Leave Out All The Rest' Japanese EP.
  64. Chester once stated in an interview to MTV in 2003 that several remixes to Meteora were made, but no plans were being made to release them.
  65. Mike made an appearance on the Wake Up Show in 2002, where he took part in a rap battle with Rakaa Iriscience from Dilated Peoples. During the battle, he rapped both verses from 'Dedicated,' the first time that song had been unveiled in any form, as well as another verse that he had written years beforehand, which was never used in a song.
  66. Big Daddy Kane was announced to be on Fort Minor's 'We Major' mixtape via a coded symbol message on the back of a Fort Minor Street Team sampler CD, but the guest-spot never happened.
  67. While in Malaysia in 2003, the band was under a strict set of rules during the show. No cursing, no baggy cargo shorts and no spitting on stage was allowed!
  68. Mike released several Fort Minor demos and b-sides to the Fort Minor fanclub, the Fort Minor Militia, in 2006. It essentially followed a one-a-month schedule until all 8 had been released.
  69. One of the sound effects in the intro of '1 Stp Klosr' from Reanimation was actually used in Pokemon: The First Movie.
  70. Vin Skully from Styles of Beyond actually co-produced PPR:KUT from Reanimation with Cheapshot, using the alias 'Jubacca'.
  71. The music video for 'Pts.Of.Athrty' was occasionally used as a commercial bumper segment on Cartoon Network between programs.
  72. The Fort Minor song 'Right Now', featuring Black Thought from The Roots, was inspired by Robert Altman's film Short Cuts.
  73. Mike played every instrument on the Fort Minor album The Rising Tied except for strings.
  74. Mike wrote the Fort Minor song 'Kenji' to detail U.S. internment of Japanese citizens during World War II. The song features vocal clips from his aunt and father.
  75. Mike joined Styles Of Beyond on the Revolution Stage during Projekt Revolution 2007 to rap 'Second To None' and 'Remember The Name' with them.
  76. Mike recorded vocals for a song entitled 'Second To None', which was a track on the unreleased Styles Of Beyond album Reseda Beach. Thankfully, the song was debuted on the Transformers movie soundtrack in 2007.
  77. Mike recorded vocals for the chorus of a song entitled 'Hey You', released on Styles Of Beyond''s 2007 mixtape 'Razor Tag'.
  78. Mike recorded vocals with Styles Of Beyond in 2007 for DJ Green Lantern's remix of Portishead's 'Magic Doors'. The remix is freely available online.
  79. Mike recorded nine short instrumental tracks for the score of MTV's 2005 Video Music Awards. All the tracks were finally released in 2010 by Mike, and one of them, '100 Degrees', was made into a full song featured on the Fort Minor 'We Major' mixtape.
  80. Members of Linkin Park's crew have actually delayed departures from one show to another out on tour due to the band signing autographs for prolonged periods of time after shows.
  81. It's no secret the guys love video games. While on tour in 2004, Linkin Park would invite members of other bands on board their tour bus (entitled the 'Halo Bus') for nightly games of the video game Halo. It is said that the Mike and Phoenix team was practically unbeatable.
  82. The band recorded a Japanese flute to sample on 'Nobody's Listening' from Meteora. The opening track 'Foreword' was made by smashing a broken CD burner with a metal baseball bat.
  83. The guitar solo in 'Shadow Of The Day' actually came from a piano piece Chester wrote. Brad liked the idea, so he played it on guitar and the solo stuck.
  84. The intro to 'Somewhere I Belong' was originally played on acoustic guitar by Chester. Mike and Joe took the piece, cut it up, flipped it and rearranged it to what ended up being used in the final version.
  85. Mike once said that he knew he had 'made it' when after the taping of Conan O'Brien in 2001, Slick Rick came up to him in the airport and said that he had seen Linkin Park play 'One Step Closer' on the show.
  86. Aaron Lewis from Staind recorded his vocal parts for the Reanimation song 'KRWLNG' in the back of a tour bus on the Family Values Tour in 2001 with Linkin Park. It only took him half an hour to record his vocals.
  87. Some of the other artists that remixed Hybrid Theory songs for Reanimation include: Team Sleep, Tricky, Prince Paul, and DJ Z-Trip.
  88. According to Brad, the decision to have the Humble Bros remix 'One Step Closer' for Reanimation came after hearing the group''s remix of the Deftones' 'My Own Summer', which they really liked.
  89. According to an MTV.com interview in September of 2001, Linkin Park planned to release Reanimation and then tour for two months with Korn. If Korn was initially planned to be on Projekt Revolution 2002 or if the two bands had another tour planned is unknown.
  90. A band called 'The Girl Scouts' was initially announced to remix a track on Reanimation. The name comes from the side project of Cheapshot and Vin Skully (Styles Of Beyond), who eventually remixed 'Papercut'.
  91. While rehearsing for the LP Underground Tour in February 2003, the band almost had Chester use a bullhorn live for the bridge of 'Faint'.
  92. Breaking The Habit' was rehearsed in 2003 for the LP Underground Tour (Feb/March), but was not debuted live until November of that year.
  93. Hybrid Theory has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. It is the decade's second best-selling album, behind The Beatles' 1. It's the 26th best selling album of all time.
  94. Chester and his first wife Samantha were so poor at the time of their wedding that they did not have the money to buy wedding rings. Instead, they had rings tattooed on their fingers.
  95. Brad Delson is the only member on stage that doesn't use the in ear monitoring system. Instead, he wears heavy duty headphones to protect his sensitive hearing.
  96. Dead By Sunrise, Chester's side project, went by another name at first. The name? Snow White Tan.
  97. Linkin Park has won two Grammy's in their career - one for 'Crawling' and one for 'Numb/Encore'.
  98. The band's album Meteora was named after a series of monasteries in Greece.
  99. Warner Bros Records (the band's record label) actually rejected the band THREE times before signing them!
  100. The band has released several other full songs from the Minutes To Midnight recording sessions. 'No Roads Left', 'Across The Line', 'Blackbirds', 'Not Alone', and 'What We Don't Know' were all worked on in 2006-2007.
  101. The band has canceled three shows in Sweden over the years - in 2001 (unknown), in 2003 (Chester was sick) and in 2008 (Brad had an ear infection).
  102. Rob wears Puma racing shoes when he is drumming both live and in the studio because he believes it helps him feel his pedals better.
  103. In December of 2010, Linkin Park brought up the same fan (Pez) at two different Australian shows to play ''Faint'' on guitar: Newcastle and Sydney night 2. He''s the first fan to play on stage twice!
  104. The Minutes to Midnight touring cycle began and ended with 'One Step Closer' (Berlin 2007 and Pomona 2009).
  105. The power went out mid-song on 'Breaking The Habit' at a festival in Pomona, California in 2009. The band continued playing and the crowd sang in the place of Chester, but the problem caused the DSP for the show to be lost!
  106. Linkin Park played their first shows in Israel and Abu Dhabi in November 2010.
  107. Linkin Park offered free tickets to the soldiers and families of active military personnel during the Projekt Revolution 2003 Tour.
  108. Mike Shinoda is known to own more guitars (even a Hello Kitty one) than Brad Delson!
  109. Brad Delson's Red Custom 24 Paul Reed Smith guitar is one of the only ones ever made without the PRS logo on the headstock.
  110. Due to licensing restrictions, the song ''Wisdom, Justice, And Love'' can no longer be distributed though Linkin Park's DSP's. The last DSP to feature it was Tampa, FL 2011.
  111. On the A Thousand Suns World Tour, all of the footage shown on the screens behind the band during the show was made by a company called ''Ghost Town Media''.
  112. Linkin Park has contributed music to all three Transformers movies so far. One song was made specifically FOR the movie - ''New Divide''! ''What I've Done'' was in the first movie and ''Iridescent'' was in the third.
  113. Foreword' was the very last thing contributed musically to Meteora. It was from the band smashing a broken CD-ROM drive with a metal baseball bat.
  114. Chester wrote the lyrics to 'Easier To Run' before any of the music was created for the song. Usually at the time, lyrics for songs came after all music was completed first.
  115. Though the final recording of 'Faint' is 135bpm, the original demo was at 70bpm!
  116. Session' took over a full year to finish! Most of the song was done by Mike, with a little help from Joe. It was worth it though, as the song was nominated for a Grammy Award!
  117. The demo for 'Hands Held High' was initially called ''Song Q'', and was the only song that Brad conceived that ended up on Minutes To Midnight.
  118. In 2011, Linkin Park took their Projekt Revolution Tour back to Europe for the second time (2008 was the first). However, the USA didn't get a Projekt Revolution for the first time on a touring cycle!
  119. Linkin Park performed at both the Transformers 2 premiere (Los Angeles in 2009) and the Transformers 3 premiere (Moscow in 2011)!
  120. 2011 is the first year that the band has released European festival shows as DSP's. From 2007 to 2010, they have never released any European festival shows!
  121. A November 2006 issue of Rolling Stone magazine first revealed the working title of 'Bleed It Out', entitled 'Accident'.
  122. H! Vltg3' off of Reanimation samples a song called 'All For One' by the group Brand Nubian. The members of the group are credited in the liner notes of the album.
  123. Linkin Park was forced to cancel five shows on their North American Tour in 2011 due to Chester being sick. Two of them were rescheduled for the end of the tour - Dallas and Houston.
  124. The North American Tour in 2011 made it the third consecutive N.A. tour in the winter to have shows canceled in the USA due to Chester being sick - 2004, 2008 and 2011.
  125. Chester had an offer to be the lead singer of the Michael Schenker Group prior to joining Xero/Hybrid Theory, but turned it down.
  126. The A Thousand Suns World Tour is the only touring cycle in which the band did not play at the Rock am Ring and Rock im Park festivals in Germany or the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show.
  127. Brad can speak Spanish! You can hear him on 'Empty Spaces' from A Thousand Suns.
  128. Besides the artwork for "2000 Fold" by Styles Of Beyond and "The Underground Tapes" by Saukrates, Mike did the artwork for "Frane's Fantastic Boatride (Or Beats To Blaze To Volume 1)" by DJ Frane.
  129. The Living Things World Tour was the shortest touring cycle for the band out of all of their albums.
  130. In August 2013, Linkin Park returned to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the first time since October 2003.
  131. Both Chester and Brad appear in the music video for Good Charlotte's 'Festival Song', recorded at HFStival in Washington D.C. in 2001, a show that both Good Charlotte and Linkin Park played.
  132. Chester was asked to perform at a Velvet Revolver show in 2008 in Las Vegas, NV, but turned down the offer due to Linkin Park being on tour.
  133. In March 2011, the band released a new compilation album for "Download To Donate" for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Linkin Park's contribution, 'Issho Ni', was an instrumental piece by Mike and means "together" in Japanese.
  134. Besides Alaska and Hawaii, Linkin Park has never played a show in Delaware, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, or Wyoming in the United States.
  135. The working title of an Avenged Sevenfold song was reportedly called 'Linkin Park'.
  136. The appearance of Rakim on 'Guilty All The Same' is the first time a guest has been featured on a Linkin Park single (excluding Reanimation and Collision Course).
  137. Starting in 2012, the band started playing 'No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn' by The Beastie Boys over the PA before each show of the Living Things World Tour.
  138. A few lyrical mistakes (likely from song demos) can be found in the album booklets. 'No More Sorrow' and 'In Pieces' are a few examples.
  139. Figure.09' originally featured rapping in the verses, but was rewritten to feature singing in the verses. While mixing the album, the rapping was swapped back in at the last minute.
  140. Linkin Park had two songs on the soundtrack for the 2004 surfing documentary "Riding Giants". 'Cure For The Itch' and 'Don't Stay' both appeared in the movie.
  141. Yo', a Minutes To Midnight demo found on LPU 11, was originally titled 'Yo (Unsolved Mysteries)'. It was referred to as 'Brad's Yo' on the Monster.com website when a clip of it was released in 2008.
  142. Linkin Park was the last band to ever headline the popular Livid Festival in Australia. The festival was discontinued after the 2003 edition.
  143. The Used's "Berth" DVD features a section about Projekt Revolution 2004 in which Bert McCracken can be seen singing 'Faint' with Linkin Park.
  144. Another Brick In The Wall' from Korn's "Live & Rare" compilation was recorded live on Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution 2004 Tour.
  145. Charlie Brown Jr. (the opening act for Linkin Park's first show in Brazil) recorded their entire set at Chimera Music Festival 2004 for their Na Estrada DVD. They also opened for the band again in 2012!
  146. Dir En Grey's "In Weal Or Woe" DVD features a documentary about Linkin Park's Japan Tour 2007.
  147. Other names that were considered for the Minutes To Midnight album were In Cold Blood, Almanac Diction Art, Leave Out All The Rest, All The Rest, Argue Agree, In Triumph & Tragedy, Ascend, and What Is Wrong With Me.
  148. Iridescent' was actually the working title for a completely unrelated track that didn't make A Thousand Suns. The band discarded the track, but kept the title and used it for another song.
  149. The idea for Collision Course was partially inspired by a mashup made by a DJ who went by the handle "al-b3". His "99 Problems Closer" remix gained enough attention to receive airplay on numerous radio stations, and many people thought it was an official remix!
  150. Several news articles leading up to the release of Fort Minor's We Major mixtape mentioned that there would actually be TWO mixtapes: "We Major" and "We Minor." Whether this was just a case of incorrect information or if Fort Minor initially planned to do a second mixtape and scrapped the idea is unknown.
  151. The track 'Drug Lab' from The Raid: Redemption soundtrack (by Mike and Joe Trapanese) was used in an episode of Burn Notice.
  152. Chester is actually the godfather of Chris Cornell's son, and baptized him.
  153. During a 2003 LPU chat, Brad mentioned that the clip of the lyrics "just drag it out, remember" in the Making of Meteora DVD were a part of the song A6 (titled A.06 on the LPU 2 CD and A-Six on the LPU 9 CD).
  154. At the Live Earth show in Tokyo, Japan in 2007, Rhianna was at the side of the stage dancing during most of Linkin Park's performance. She performed right after them, and is apparently a huge fan of the band.
  155. Boris Bouma from the band Epidemic was one of the vocalists who auditioned for Xero.
  156. For Living Things, the band went back and changed parts of 'In My Remains' and 'Lies Greed Misery' at the last minute while the album being mixed.
  157. Rob had to go back and relearn how to play 'Lost In The Echo' for the Honda Civic Tour because he wanted to play sample pads and live drums simultaneously.
  158. For several albums (A Thousand Suns and Living Things), Brad was uninterested in playing the guitar and most of the guitar parts were written by Mike. This changed for The Hunting Party, when Brad started playing a lot of guitar again.
  159. The speech sample at the beginning of 'Victimized' was that of a counterfeit merchandise seller in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2011, which Mike had recorded on his phone.
  160. Doug and Dan of Hoobastank once stopped someone from beating up Mike in high school.
  161. Even though it is the heaviest song on the album, Chester recorded parts of 'Victimized' while he was sick. This can be seen on an LPTV episode about the album.
  162. Chester actually lived in his car while the rest of the band made the decision as to whether or not they wanted him as their singer when he auditioned with the band.
  163. Former Grey Daze (Chester's band before Linkin Park) member Mace Byers auditioned as the bassist for Hybrid Theory (pre-Linkin Park).
  164. Mike grew up in the same neighborhood as the members of Incubus and has known them for over fifteen years. The band had run into and talked to them several times before eventually touring with them in 2012 for the Honda Civic Tour.
  165. On the back of the Living Things album, If you count the dots above the tracks (which represent the track number), you will notice that 'Powerless' has 13 dots instead of 12!
  166. Ever since it debuted in Berlin, Germany in 2007, 'Faint' has never been played without its extended outro.
  167. In The End' is the most performed Linkin Park song on tour, with 'One Step Closer' not falling far behind. Both songs have consistently been performed each year since 2000 (and maybe even earlier).
  168. At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, British ice dancers Sinead and John Kerr skated to 'Krwlng' from Reanimation.
  169. After the band's collaboration with Medal of Honor, soldiers actually began listening to 'The Catalyst' frequently while out in the field.
  170. While rehearsing for tour in 2012, Chester came up with the idea to cover part of The Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' during the middle of 'Bleed It Out' as a tribute to the band due to Adam Yauch passing away before Linkin Park's touring cycle began.
  171. What I've Done' was the third song to ever debut on the Modern Rock Charts at #1. At the time, the other two were 'What's the Frequency, Kenneth?' by R.E.M. and 'Dani California' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  172. On the studio version of 'Castle Of Glass', the beginning through the first chorus are the demo recordings by Mike and were the first time he ever sang those words. ‪"I was basically freestyling the words and playing acoustic guitar."
  173. The vocal sample from the beginning of Joe's DJ solo on the Projekt Revolution 2002 tour ("We don't wanna be left behind/all we want to do is just blow your mind") comes from the song 'Back Up Off Me!' by Dr. Dre and Ed Lover (feat. T-Money).
  174. The Requiem' on A Thousand Suns served as the album's intro song and was built out of samples and sounds from the rest of songs on the album. Mike sang into a vocoder to have the high pitched effect on his voice.
  175. The chorus for 'Crawling' was based on the melody in the outro to the song 'Blue', written in 1998. 'Blue' was released on the LPU 11 CD and was found by Mike on a burned CD in his closet.
  176. Linkin Park got its name from an area Chester used to drive by after rehearsals, called Lincoln Park in Santa Monica, CA. It grabbed his attention and when he told the band members about it they all liked how it sounded. They changed it from "Lincoln" to "Linkin" to get the web domain.
  177. Owen Pallet, best known for his work with Arcade Fire, contributed strings on 'I'll Be Gone' from Living Things.
  178. The Lotus leaf symbol featured on many Fort Minor and some Linkin Park CDs is the Shinoda kamon (Family Crest).
  179. Frgt/10' from Reanimation samples Basil Poledouris's 'Porsche Power/Drive My Car?' song.
  180. Brad played a short acoustic rendition of Britney Spears' 'I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman' during his speech at UCLA back in 2009.
  181. An unreleased recording of 'Rhinestone' by Xero (not the same version that's on the Xero demo tape) was featured in episode #20 ("Brothers Keeper") of the TV series The Crow: Stairway to Heaven.
  182. The intro sample to 'Fuse' by Xero was taken from a record called "Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House" that was released on Disneyland Records
  183. Robot Boy' is the first song off of a Linkin Park album (excluding b-sides and bonus tracks) to have not been played live by the band. This continued with Living Things, where several songs were not played.
  184. The track 'Drug Lab' from The Raid: Redemption soundtrack (by Mike and Joe Trapanese) was used in an episode of Burn Notice.
  185. The band has performed at three venues seven different times each since 2001 (making them the most performed-at venues for Linkin Park) and all three are amphitheatres! They are in Camden, NJ, Wantagh, NY and Mansfield, MA.
  186. Hamburg, Germany's The Docks venue is the only venue in the world to have performances by Linkin Park, Fort Minor and Dead By Sunrise.

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