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Exclusive: Vegas Baby (Uncle Kracker & JH)






On September 4, 2009, Astat made a post on LPLive about lost collaborations that Linkin Park has been a part of over the years. Sometimes collaborations don't come to fruition and there are many reasons why. Perhaps the label didn't approve the song to be released at the end of the day or maybe the band didn't end up liking the song or maybe it was just the wrong time to release something and it never ended up happening. Regardless, there is a collection of unreleased collaborations featuring Linkin Park members somewhere in a vault!


One of the entries in Astat's list read:


Uncle Kracker - Happy Hour - Album release date: September 15th, 2009

Joe Hahn co-wrote a song called "Vegas Baby" for this album, and probably performed on it. It was featured in the "What Happens in Vegas" episode of The Hills a while back, and is listed in BMI's catalog database. However, the album was heavily re-written over the past year or so, and a bunch of tracks were cut. This song isn't on the final tracklisting, so it looks like it may never come out, but I'm making note of it here anyway.


'Vegas Baby' was a song that Joe did with Uncle Kracker in presumably 2007 for the Happy Hour album. Happy Hour ended up being released but 'Vegas Baby' was nowhere to be found on the tracklisting, leaving Linkin Park fans disappointed that we wouldn't be seeing the collaboration and that another one had been sent to a vault.


In late 2012, a listing on eBay went up for a five track promo CD for Happy Hour, but it included 'Vegas Baby'! LPLive's staff quickly snapped it up and provided the download for fans. Unfortunately we haven't been able to get any commentary from either Joe or Uncle Kracker on the song, but it's still a cool collaboration at the end of the day.





FLAC (.zip)

mp3 (.zip)


You can view the original thread for the song release here.

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