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Exclusive: Reanimation Demos




On June 20, 2012, a post on the LPLive homepage read, "LPLive is proud to present an unreleased 'Frgt10' demo! With the release of LIVING THINGS, and with Reanimation turning ten years old on July 20, 2012, we thought this would be an opportune time to put out a new Linkin Park demo."


We were fortunate enough to come across a series of Reanimation demos and were able to post 'Frgt/10' just short of the ten year anniversary of Reanimation and put out the final demos from the Internal CD on March 21, 2013. Sadly we cannot say where these came from but rest assured, we promise they are legit!


Reanimation 8 Track Internal Demo CD Tracklisting:

01. Krwlng (Unreleased Demo) 5:49

02. Frgt/10 (Unreleased Demo) 3:45

03. Enth E Nd (Unreleased Demo) 4:03

04. Pts.Of.Athrty (Released previously by Jay Gordon in 2008) 3:42

05. H! Vltg3 (Unreleased Demo) 3:14

06. 1stp Klosr (Humble Brothers Remix) (Found on Frat Party at the Pancake Festival DVD) 6:18 *Excluded due to an official release*

07. Ppr:Kut (Unreleased Demo) 2:56

08. One Step Closer (Humble Brothers Remix) (Known as the Humble Bros. Remix FM Edit) 3:12



Astat & Hahninator Rundown


Our community Linkin Park guru Astat was gracious enough to give a description of some of the demos and Hahninator added in a few others!


01. Krwlng - The main difference with this one is that it's missing the live string parts that Phoenix added over the top of the programmed strings Mike did (hence the intro/outro violin being absent, along with the strings not sounding as thick throughout the song). The transition where the album version synth hook comes in sounds a little rougher, although that might just be because of the lack of some of the string parts. The bass beats in the second verse sound louder to me, and I think some of the effects on Chester's vocals are a little different too.


02. Frgt/10 - Mike's verses are roughly the same minus a few different words but they are entirely different takes. This version of course sounds more raw and unmixed. After the second chorus, the structure of the song varies a good bit from the studio version on Reanimation. There is no third verse from Chali 2na in this version and the song almost has a short bridge with an interesting but brief piano part. There are slight differences with the ending – the third chorus of the song has a neat effect at the end of it and the song fades out.


03. Enth E Nd - Check out the beginning of Mike's first verse - music stops on this version, doesn't happen on the album version. This version also has a less distorted sound to it as a whole (I think they were going for the "vinyl-like" sound on the album version). A lot of the echoes on Mike's vocals are a lot less prominent as well, and I think they used an alternate take for the doubled vocal at the end of each of his verses ("what it meant to me..." etc.).


04. Pts.Of.Athrty - In 2008, a demo version of this song by Jay Gordon appeared on his website for download. There are many differences...mainly just the song being in rougher shape overall (missing a lot of the final elements and being stripped down more) but you'll hear extra vocals on the "bridge" of the song backing up Chester that aren't in the final version. This is the same version previously released by Jay and is the only known demo of the song.


05. H! Vltg3 - The intro includes the talking from the original version, and the bridge from the original version is used in place of Pharaohe Monch's verse (they basically put the original acapella over the new instrumental). The outro on this version is completely different, lacking the scratching that DJ Babu added to the final version, and it sounds like some of the misc. sound effects throughout the song are missing too.


06. 1stp Klosr (Humble Brothers Remix) - This is the six minute remix by the Humble Bros found on the Frat Party at the Pancake Festival DVD, which is why it is not in this download. This is before Jonathan Davis added his vocals in. As far as differences... the bridge is different than the one on Reanimation too, containing a few more samples and being a little longer hence why it's 6:49 versus the 5:19 version. It's interesting that the band chose to cut the song down length-wise, but the bridge is what you'll want to pay attention in this part before Chester gets to the "shut up" portion of the remix.


07. Ppr:Kut - This is basically an entirely different remix...it has a few things in common with the final Cheapshot/Jubacca remix (mainly the arrangement of the guitar parts in certain spots and the bass part that comes in during the bridge), but this must have been a VERY early draft of this remix.




08. One Step Closer (Humble Brothers Remix FM Edit) - This song is a shorter version of track six. It is similar to the song structure of One Step Closer on Hybrid Theory and is extended a bit at the beginning and end. Obviously this edit was meant for radio. It's nothing very interesting, so you'll want to pay attention to track six instead.





FLAC (.zip)

mp3 (.zip)

Note: Track 6 is omitted because of an official release on the Frat Party DVD.


You can find the original release thread for 'Frgt/10' here and the Reanimation Demos here.

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