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The Snax Live - 2000.10.05 St. Petersburg, Florida

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October 05, 2000
St. Petersburg, FL  United States
The Refuge



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The FALL of the SNAX - Friday October 6th, 2000 - 9:27:02 am

hey we are still on our fall tour with .rod laver. things are bittersweet. we have had a blast, but to be honest some of the shows have not been that good. but we are still in good spirits. we got new pictures up and we should have some more when we get back by the end of october. Big News- we are playing on Halloween with the Supertones in Santa Barbara. should be good. well snackers, keep praying for, and check the site every now and then and we will continue to try and update as much as we can. FIORE and the SNAX by the way, dave is no longer dave, we have decided from now on to call him Phoenix" ....for no reason other than it just sounds cool.

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