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Stone Temple Pilots Live - 2013.09.26 Scottsdale, Arizona

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September 26, 2013
Scottsdale, AZ  United States
Pub Rock Live
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Fall U.S. Tour
98KUPD Acoustic Performance
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13 of 20



01. Interstate Love Song Acoustic
02. Pretty Penny Acoustic
03. Big Empty Acoustic

Show Notes:

- This is the first time that Chester sang an acoustic version of 'Interstate Love Song' with Stone Temple Pilots.

- This was the first time that 'Pretty Penny' was performed since June 28th, 2013 (the first time Chester sang it with STP). That performance was also acoustic.

- 'Big Empty' has been performed regularly on the USA Tour, but this was the second acoustic performance of it by STP with Chester. The first was also on June 28th, 2013.

Other Notes:

- The band was invited by 98KUPD to perform acoustically at Scottsdale's Pub Rock Live for radio winners before their show later that night in Tempe.

- On November 29, 2013, 98KUPD released 'Pretty Penny' from this performance on their annual acoustic charity album. LPLive released the track on September 27, 2014 - one year and one day after the performance.

- On February 26, 2015, Stone Temple Pilots posted the three songs on YouTube (in audio). LPLive posted a download of the audio (.zip / 22.1mb, mp3 (256kbit/s) along with the cover artwork.


Source 0: Audio - SBD (Official Release)

Format: CD

Comments: 'Pretty Penny' only. Released on the 98KUPD Acoustic 2013 compilation.


Source 1: Video - SBD (YouTube: stptv)

Time: 12:09 mins

Format: .mp4 (1080p)

Comments: Audio only. All three songs, less editing than in the officially released song.

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