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Stone Temple Pilots Live - 2013.09.24 Midland, Texas

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September 24, 2013
Midland, TX  United States
La Hacienda Event Center
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Fall U.S. Tour
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12 of 20
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01. Down
02. Big Bang Baby
03. Vasoline
04. Dead & Bloated
05. Out Of Time
06. Meatplow
07. Silvergun Superman
08. Church On Tuesday Guitar Solo Ending
09. Big Empty
10. Black Heart
11. Interstate Love Song
12. Lady Picture Show
13. Pop's Love Suicide 2013 New Ending
14. Hollywood Bitch
15. Sex Type Thing Ext. Intro Jam w/ Vocals
16. Sex & Violence
17. Wicked Garden
18. Piece Of Pie
19. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart

Show Notes:

- The band played an impromptu jam before 'Sex Type Thing' and Chester added some vocals to it.

- Chester smashed his hand into Dean's guitar on 'Wicked Garden' on accident. After the song, he asked Dean if his guitar was ok because he thought he broke his finger. He then said "Well we still have a show to play so let's do this shit" before the band started 'Piece Of Pie'.

Other Notes:

- Only a few hundred fans were in attendance.

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