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Grey Daze Live - 2002.09.07 Phoenix, Arizona

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September 07, 2002  CANCELLED
Phoenix, AZ  United States
Dodge Theatre
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Bobby Benish Benefit
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*, Phunk Junkeez, Pokerface, Gift

Other Notes:

- The show was planned as a benefit for former Grey Daze member Bobby Benish, who was having difficulty paying his medical bills since being diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was going to be a one-off reunion show at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix with Phunk Junkeez, Pokerface and Gift joining Grey Daze on the bill for the night, but was later indefinitely postponed.

- According to Linkin Park's official website, the show was postponed because of "unavoidable time constraints of recording the next Linkin Park album". The announcement came on August 28, 2002. In a statement posted on the site Bennington said, "It's very unfortunate that we are having to postpone this concert but our management has pulled everyone back from vacations and various activities in order to meet our recording obligations. However I will continue to help Bobby and his family at this very difficult time. I’d also like to thank the fans in Phoenix that were willing to support me in this endeavor".

- Unfortunately, Bobby died on September 28, 2004. The show never happened.

- When asked if he was invited as the bass player for the event, the band's former bassist Mace Beyers said: "Yes, I was invited. Chester flew me out to California, I stayed with him for a few weeks and the show got canceled. I believe it was the label's bullshit that caused that cancellation. They also blocked the re-release of No Sun Today".

- According to Sean Dowdell, the guitarist for the event was going to be Jason Barnes and there were no rehearsals before the show got postponed/canceled.

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