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Grey Daze Live - 1998.10.31

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Show Information

Date: October 31, 1998
Location: Phoenix, AZ US Event/Festival: Halloween Bash
Venue: Jackson's On 3rd Show Number: Show 1 of 1
Venue Type: Bar/Club
Other Bands:

Lucy's Fur Coat, Jesus Chrysler Supercar,*



01. Unknown

Show Notes:

- Since this was a Halloween show, all of the band members were dressed up as members of KISS.

Other Notes:

- Sometime in the second half of 1998, shortly after the tour to Southern California, the band members separated their ways. Grey Daze's manager Kerry Rose: "We did a small tour into Southern California, including a fantastic show at the Whiskey a Go Go on the Sunset Strip. Although we had other record companies looking at us, nobody came forward. After that tour, the band was at a crossroads. It really didn't seem like continuing forward made sense unless we could move to the next level. I had invested over $10,000 in the band". The overall frustration over the band's limited success has led to more personal conflicts between the band members, so Chester and Mace Beyers decided to leave the band. However, Sean Dowdell and Bobby Benish decided to keep it going and added a female singer Jodi Wendt and bassist Dave Sardegna to the band. The band did a few shows under the name Grey Daze, but soon after they changed their name to Waterface with all original material written by the new lineup.

- The Phoenix New Times clipping with an ad for this show was submitted for LPLive by Jodi Wendt.