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Grey Daze Live - 1998.02.20 Tempe, Arizona

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February 20, 1998
Tempe, AZ  United States
Big Fish Pub
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*, Bionic Jive, Mr. Pink, Secular End


xx. Anything, Anything Dramarama cover

Other Notes:

- A local AZ musician Mike Montoya remembering Chester and talking about this show on July 23rd, 2017: "I decided to wait a minute to say something about the loss of Chester Bennington. I remember being so blown away by his talents at big fish pub in Tempe, AZ. He sang my favorite dramarama song and just completely nailed it. I think that night was one of my first times seeing Robin Vining play with Mr. Pink.

My heart and prayers go out to Chester's family and friends. I wasn't close to him but just the fact that pretty close friends of mine were shows how connected we all are.

I really believe life is God's gift and yes sometimes it can feel "like a movie you want to leave early" ,but maybe someone got a crappy seat with the three day old sticky soda spill. Or maybe someone doesn't have anyone to sit with?

Anyhow, anyone feeling like this, feel free to contact me at anytime. God bless you and Chester!".

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