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Grey Daze Live - 1998.01.31 Tempe, Arizona

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January 31, 1998
Tempe, AZ  United States
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Snot, Hed PE, Sevendust, *



Other Notes:

- This late night show was the second one of two band's concerts on the same day.

- Following Chester's death, Hed PE's former member Mark Young posted the following message on his Facebook: "I think many of us have some fond memories and anecdotes of Chester Bennington to share. Mine goes all the way back to 1998 before Linkin Park came to be, when Hed PE was on tour with Snot. Hed PE was opening for this legendary band and we were playing one night at an outdoor venue in Tempe called Boston's, which is long since gone. During the Snot set, fueled by a few beers, I thought it would be a great idea to stage dive during the show. For a couple minutes it was awesome, getting passed around the crowd while Snot rocked the stage, untl I reached the back of the crowd and was dropped from 6 feet in the air straight onto my head. I was a little dazed and bleeding when a young lad in the audience and his lady came up to help me. He had dreadlocks and an infectious smile, and they half-carried me out to our bus. He got me home safely, commented on what a great show it was, said goodnight and I never saw him again.

Then in 2000, when Linkin Park opened up for Hed PE for a few brief moments before they went off to the moon, a shaven-head young lad with that same infectious smile came up to me at the start of tour - now the singer of Linkin Park - and recounted the story from Boston's of how he and his wife Samantha had picked me up and helped me out to our bus.

Such a sweet soul, he will be dearly missed".

- It was confirmed by Sean's friend Grey Daze were actually on the bill that night as well: "Good times back then Sean, glad I was able to be there in person for most. One of my all time favorite nights was when Grey Daze opened for sevendust, hed-pe and snot!"

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