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Grey Daze Live - 1997.08.15 Phoenix, Arizona

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August 15, 1997
Phoenix, AZ  United States
Castles N' Coasters
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Other Notes:

- Castles N' Coasters is an amusement park and family amusement center located in Phoenix, Arizona.

- There are several conflicting reports as to what bands were playing with Grey Daze at their supposedly sole Castles N' Coasters performance, so it is unclear if the band actually did multiple shows at the park or if all of them are really the same exact show:

  • Show attendee: "I remember seein one of the early incarnations of jimmy eat world play at Castles N Coasters in Glendale, AZ way back in the day. The opening band was Gray Daze with Chester from Linkin Park on vocals. There were like 30-40 people there. It's amazing that Jimmy Eat World is even still around...they have a few good songs though".
  • Show attendee: "@jimmyeatworld I remember seeing you guys at Castles and Coasters in about '94 and skateboarding with some of you in a Mesa parking garage".
  • Show attendee: "Well, it was awhile ago. I remember they played Castles and Coasters, which I thought was a strange place to have bands. A local rock dj fronted a cover band that played before them. The only other thing I remember from that show was Chester's wife and her baby stroller".
  • Show attendee: "I can't be sure but I think it was during the summer of 1998". When asked if Jimmy Eat World were also on the bill, this person told there weren't any other bands except Grey Daze.
  • Jonathan Krause: "I did not play the Castles and Coaster show. It was probably 97".
  • Member of the band Shaded Grey: "No idea on the dates, but one was at the Mason Jar and another was at Castles N Coasters I believe". When asked if the band played with Jimmy Eat World or "a local rock dj fronted a cover band" as was reported by one of the other persons, he replied: "Hmm... it might be the first one with the cover band. I believe we played after that but before Grey Daze. Tough to remember".
  • Chris Braegger of Chindo Squad: "I don't remember much about it at all, other than it was sponsored by a radio station who was broadcasting from the venue at certain points. Grey Daze wanted to play before us for some reason, which was odd since they generally had bigger crowds that we (Chindo Squad) did. We played with them on several occasions and got to know some of the band pretty well. I remember that show being outside and pretty hot, so it was some time around summer."
  • On December 22nd, 2017, Sean Dowdell posted a picture of Grey Daze an several other people with a comment: "This pic was posted by a fan yesterday. It reminds me of good times. Also in this pic is a man named Jacob Dowdell who passed away on this day Dec 22, a few years ago. I miss several people in this picture @therealgreydaze when we played a show at Castles and Coasters with @jimmyeatworld #greydaze #greydazereunion #greydazetour #ripchester #ripjacob #ripbobby #ripjosh".

- This date (August 15th, 1997) was found when a person named Jason Williams has made a post on his Facebook after Chester's death about seeing Grey Daze at Castles N' Coasters on the birthday of Jason's childhood friend named Judd, who also tragically passed away some time ago. When asked about the date of Judd's birthday, Jason told that day was August 15th, but he wasn't totally sure about the year. He then said: "I was 12 at the time, so it was 21 years ago on the 15th of August, I believe. I saw Grey Daze play at Electric Ballroom with Chronic Future a few months before that show". The Chronic Future show happened on February 1st, 1997.

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