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Grey Daze Live - 1996.12.03 Tempe, Arizona

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December 03, 1996
Tempe, AZ  United States
Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences
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"No Sun Today" Pre-Production Live Session
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01. Wake Me
02. Hole
03. Sometimes
04. B12
05. In Time
06. Sickness
07. Saturation
08. The Down Syndrome
09. Soul Song
10. What's In The Eye?
11. Drag
12. Morei Sky
13. Just Like Heroin
14. Anything, Anything Dramarama cover
15. Ryan's Wisdom

Show Notes:

- After the previous pre-production session with producer David Knauer that took place on February 18, 1996 the band was signed to LA's record label called Real Records and went on to do the record with different producer and engineer - Glen Parrish and Andy Barret. The album was nearly finished, but then canceled, so the band went back to David Knauer to record what became No Sun Today. David Knauer: "Since the first work we did together in Feb 96, the band had recorded the other album with Andy Barret and had written new songs, I wanted to hear all the new stuff so we did another pre-production session on 12/3/1996. Mike [Jones] and I went into the studio at the school and recorded the band live to DAT again. Then just before we started the recoding of No Sun Today, on 12/13/96 I was in a bad car accident. I spent the next couple months in Los Angeles and Mike [Jones] went on to do the record".

Other Notes:

- Despite being performed live, 'Ryan's Wisdom' didn't make it to any of the band's CDs.


Source 1: Audio (Studio)

Taper: David Knauer & Michael Jones

Time: Unknown

Format: DAT

Comments: Uncirculated.

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