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Grey Daze Live - 1996.02.18 Phoenix, Arizona

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February 18, 1996
Phoenix, AZ  United States
David Knauer's Recording Studio
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Album Pre-Production Live Session
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01. B12
02. Believe Me
03. Wake Me
04. Saturation
05. Hole
06. Ryan's Wisdom
07. Sometimes
08. Heroin Just Like Heroin (A Little Down)
09. Morei Sky
10. In Time
11. Old School
12. Holding You
13. Commit
14. Here, Nearby
15. She Shines
16. What's In The Eye?
17. Spin
18. Super Star
19. New Song The Down Syndrome

Show Notes:

- In February 1996, the band asked David Knauer to produce and record their 2nd album, so he started pre-production for it on February 18th. He brought them into his studio and recorded 1-1.5 hours worth of material on multitrack. David: "It was the band playing live. It had the songs that made it to the record, songs that didn't. And a few ideas that weren't songs yet". However, in the process of preparing for the album, the band was signed to LA's record label called Real Records and went on to do the record with different producer and engineer - Glen Parrish and Andy Barret. The album was nearly finished, but then canceled, so the band went back to David Knauer to record what became "No Sun Today". David: "Then just before we started the recoding of “No Sun Today”, on 12/13/96 I was in a bad car accident. I spent the next couple months in Los Angeles and Mike [Jones] went on to do the record".

- 'The Down Syndrome' was so new it had no name at the time and was simply titled 'New Song'. That version of the song featured just Chester on vocals and Bobby on guitar.

Other Notes:

- Despite being performed live, 'Ryan's Wisdom', 'Old School', 'Commit' and 'Super Star' didn't make it to any of the band's CDs.

- This is the only known performance of 'Old School' and 'Super Star'.

- Judging by the tracklisting written on David's tape, it looks like the song 'Just Like Heroin (A Little Down)' was simply called 'Heroin" at the time.


Source 1: Audio (Studio/Multitrack)

Taper: David Knauer

Time: Unknown

Comments: Uncirculated.

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