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Grey Daze Live - 1995.02.14

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Date: February 14, 1995
Location: Tempe, AZ US Event/Festival: Club Sex
Venue: Electric Ballroom Show Number: Show 1 of 1
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Other Bands:

Warsaw, Chalk Farm, Curious Walk



01. Unknown

Other Notes:

- As it was reported, before being the shop, Club Tattoo was a regular convention type of show in Electric Ballroom dedicated to tattoos. There was also a related monthly event called Club Sex that was also dedicated to tattoos and piercing, but according to the band's bassist Mace Beyers, who was also a production manager of the venue at the time, was like a "swinger night" that featured such vendors like adult book stores, wet t-shirt contest, etc.

- Despite not being mentioned on the ad, it turned out that Grey Daze also performed that night. It was also reported that this was actually the very first Club Sex event to happen and that it was filmed by Mace's friend supposedly named Dene from a local video production company called Independent Video. A short clip of Warsaw's performance exists (although mislabeled) on YouTube.

- Grey Daze were the resident band for Electric Ballroom and played a huge number of shows there during the years of its existence.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT

Taper: Dene (Independent Video)

Time: Unknown

Format: Unknown

Comment: Contains interviews with show attendees. A short clip of Warsaw's performance exists on YouTube.