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Grey Daze Live - 1994.09.xx Phoenix, Arizona

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September xx, 1994
Phoenix, AZ  United States
Rally Kap Sports Bar
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Opening for Lemon Krayola
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Lemon Krayola, *


01. Commit w/ Sped Up Outro
02. Wake Me
03. My Bluest Day
04. Smoke Mouth
05. Here, Nearby
06. Painted
07. Circle Big Head Todd and the Monsters cover
08. What's In The Eye?
09. Morei Sky w/ Early Guitar Solo
10. She Shines Live Debut; Early Version
11. Hole
12. Spin
13. Starting To Fly
14. Come On
15. Piece Of My Mind
16. Shouting Out w/ Mindy Nilson of Lemon Krayola
17. Sometimes
18. Everybody's Falling To Pieces
19. Start Me Up The Rolling Stones cover

Show Notes:

- Right before kicking into the set's first song 'Commit', Chester introduced the band by saying: "Hi, everybody, we're Grey Daze!... And...alright. This song is a song about love. Hope that you have a loved one. 'Cause love is a beautiful thing".

- Part of the outro of 'Commit' was sped up comparing to the demo that was recorded live during David Knauer's pre-production session for Wake Me nearly a month later.

- Right before 'Painted' the band had some minor technical difficulties that caused a small delay, so Chester took the time to introduce the song: "This next song is about a boy. The boy who thinks that nobody understands the way he lives, you know? The boy who thinks that everybody's after him. And nobody wants to be his friend".

- Chester dedicated 'What's In The Eye?' to his passed away friend named Sean.

- The band performed a different version of 'Morei Sky' with a slightly different guitar solo and an extra chorus added to the end.

- The band performed what appears to be the early version of 'She Shines' with a slightly different chorus melody and breakdown structure.

- After 'Spin' Chester introduced every band member but himself, jokingly saying that he forgot his name.

- Mindy Nilson of Lemon Krayola came out to sing 'Shouting Out' with the band.

- 'Starting To Fly' was played at a faster tempo than the version that appeared on "Wake Me". Transition between the first chorus and second verse was twice longer than on the album version.

- A few seconds into 'Come On' the song was stopped and restarted again. Part of the lyrics of the second verse were different and the outro was shorter comparing to the demo that was recorded live during David Knauer's pre-production session for Wake Me nearly a month later.

- During 'Start Me Up' Chester threw a few Grey Daze t-shirts into the crowd.


- This was the first time ever the band performed 'She Shines' in public.

Other Notes:

- This is the first full Grey Daze show recording to ever be released.

- This show took place a month before the band has hit the studio to record their very first album, so a lot of the songs that were performed during this set and ended up being released were somehow changed with the help of the album's producer David Knauer.

- The song 'She Shines' almost didn't make the album because the band wasn't sure if people would like it. When they played it at this show, Chester commented that it was a brand new song and it's public debut. After the song was done, the reception by the fans was enough to convince the band to put the song on the CD.

- The Linkin Park community wasn't aware of the existence of the song called 'Smoke Mouth' until the video of the band performing it during this show randomly surfaced online in 2010. According to Sean Dowdell, it was never recorded in the studio and is just one of the 20-30 Grey Daze songs that were never released. In 2015 with the release of the full show, we also became aware of the songs titled 'My Bluest Day', 'Painted' (no relation to Sean Dowdell And His Friends song with a similar title), 'Everybody's Falling To Pieces' and 'Piece Of My Mind'.

- Lemon Krayola was also a very popular local band at the time. Interestingly enough, Lemon Krayola also happened to be the opening band for Stone Temple Pilots’ second ever gig in Arizona that took place at the Mason Jar in November 1992.


Source 1: Video - AUD (Unknown)

Taper: Unknown

Time: 83:17 mins (full show)

Format: .wmv / 959 MB

Comments: 'She Shines' was released by Grey Daze's Jonathan Krause online in 2006. Two more songs surfaced in 2010. The videos contain fade-in/fade-out visual effects and captions introducing the band members, the songs and the venue. On May 25, 2015, LESTAT (LPL staff) obtained the full show from Jonathan.

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