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Fort Minor Live - 2005.08.18 Hasselt, Limburg

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August 18, 2005
Hasselt, BE  Belgium
Kempische Steenweg
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The Rising Tied Promotional Tour
Dance Hall Stage
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01. Remember The Name Long Intro; Live Debut
02. It's Goin' Down Live Debut
03. Enth E Nd Live Debut
04. Mr. Brown Styles of Beyond song; Live Debut
05. Fort Minor Medley Live Debut
06. There They Go Live Debut
07. Dolla Live Debut
08. Petrified Live Debut

Show Notes:

- Fort Minor played two songs off of The Rising Tied: 'Remember The Name' and 'Petrified', two songs off of the Fort Minor Mixtape: 'Dolla' and 'There They Go', two Linkin Park songs: 'Enth E Nd' and 'It's Goin' Down', a Styles Of Beyond song: 'Mr. Brown', and the Fort Minor Medley.

- The 'Fort Minor Medley' is a mid-set mashup of verses from 'You Lose', 'Megadef', and 'Bleach' by Styles Of Beyond, Tak's verse from 'Respect 4 Grandma' (Fort Minor) and two original verses by Mike.


- This was the first time that 'Remember The Name', 'Fort Minor Medley', 'There They Go', 'Dolla' and Petrified' were performed live.

- This was the first time that 'It's Goin' Down', 'Enth E Nd' and 'Mr. Brown' were performed live by Fort Minor.

Other Notes:

- This was Fort Minor's first show ever and was held in a tent. The Meet & Greet before the show was in the Fort Minor dressing room.

- This was the first time that Mike had performed any Fort Minor songs live, but it was also the first performance of the Linkin Park track, 'Enth E Nd', ever.

- The band consisted of Mike, then Ryu, Tak, and Cheapshot from Styles Of Beyond, and the drummer Beatdown.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT (Webcast 750k)

Time: 14:25 mins

Comments: Only the first three songs and the 'Fort Minor Medley' were webcasted for the public. Subscribers to Belgium Internet were able to view the entire webcast. Unfortunately, no rips exist of the full webcast.


Source 2: Audio - FM (Brussels Radio)

Taper: Unknown

Time: 2:22 mins

Format: mp3

Comments: Only 'Enth E Nd'. Broadcasted by a local radio station after the show.

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