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Dead By Sunrise Live - 2010.02.26

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Show Information

Date: February 26, 2010 CANCELLED
Location: Köln, NW DE Event/Festival: Die Oliver Pocher Show
Venue: Residenz Filmtheater
Venue Type: Studio



. Cancelled Show

Other Notes:

- This performance was not announced until February 3, 2010. Tickets were 10 euros for fans who wanted to attend.

- This show was canceled on February 25, 2010. The Dead By Sunrise Facebook posted, "The Feb 26th Dead By Sunrise performance on German TV Show SAT1 "Oliver Pocher" has been cancelled." The cancellation came because the band had six shows in a row scheduled to finish the European Tour and they needed a day off to rest. Specifically, Chester needed to rest his voice. This was a hard tour for DBS (traveling, time changes, etc) as the band was constantly tired after every show. Westlife replaced DBS as the performing act.