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Dead By Sunrise Live - 2009.10.21

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Show Information

Date: October 21, 2009 Tour: Out Of Ashes Promotional Tour
Location: Los Angeles, CA US Event/Festival: Jimmy Kimmel Live
Venue: Jimmy Kimmel Live Outdoor Stage Show Number: Show 8 of 11
Venue Type: Other



01. Crawl Back In Rehearsal
02. Crawl Back In Rehearsal
03. Crawl Back In Rehearsal
04. Crawl Back In Rehearsal
05. Crawl Back In Rehearsal
06. Let Down Rehearsal
01. Crawl Back In
02. Let Down
03. My Suffering
04. Condemned
05. Inside Of Me Ext. Intro; Ext. Outro

Show Notes:

- The band rehearsed 'Crawl Back In' five times and 'Let Down' once before fans were allowed into the show.

- The band played 30 seconds of 'Crawl Back In' before Jimmy Kimmel came out to properly introduced the band before they went into the TV performance of 'Crawl Back In'.

- Jimmy Kimmel left the stage and came back out to introduce the band again for 'Let Down'.

- Ryan and Chester went into the crowd after the show to sign autographs.

Other Notes:

- Tickets were given for free to winners who entered for selection to the show. Fans who tweeted Chester after the 2009.11.19 West Hollywood, CA show were also given free tickets.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT (ABC)

Time: 3:19 mins

Format: .mkv (720p) / 186 MB

Comments: 'Crawl Back In' and 'Let Down' only. 'Crawl Back In' and half of 'Let Down' were aired on TV, while 'Crawl Back In' was also posted online.