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Linkin Park Live - 2017.07.06 Birmingham, England

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July 06, 2017
Birmingham, ENG  England
Barclaycard Arena
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One More Light European Tour
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01. Fallout w/ 'Roads Untraveled' Vox
02. Talking To Myself
03. Burn It Down
04. The Catalyst Shortened (No Third Chorus/Breakdown)
05. Wastelands w/ 'War' Outro Sample
06. One Step Closer 2017 Intro; Ext. Outro; w/ Warren Willis
07. Castle Of Glass Experience Version; 2017 Ending w/ 'Petrified' v1
08. Good Goodbye Ext. Sing-a-long Intro; Live Version
09. Lost In The Echo Shortened (No First Chorus or Second Verse)
10. Battle Symphony
11. New Divide
12. From The Inside
13. Invisible Ext. Intro
14. Waiting For The End 'Remember The Name' Intro; Wall of Noise Outro
15. Breaking The Habit Acapella Outro; w/ Warren Willis
16. One More Light Ext. Intro
17. Crawling Piano Version; Shortened (No First Chorus or Outro)
18. Leave Out All The Rest 2017 Version
19. Somewhere I Belong
20. What I've Done 2017 Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge
21. In The End Pause Version
22. Faint Ext. Outro
23. Sharp Edges Stripped Down (Brad, Chester, & Rob); Ext. Intro
24. Numb 'Numb/Encore' Intro/Outro
25. Heavy Ext. Intro
26. Papercut
27. Bleed It Out Direct Intro; Ext. Sing-a-Long Bridge; Ext. Ending; w/ Warren Willis

Show Notes:

- Due to not having an opening band, Linkin Park played an extended setlist for their U.K. shows.

- Mike rapped verse one of 'Petrified' over the outro of 'Castle Of Glass'.

- The band added 'From The Inside' after 'New Divide' to fill in the longer set time.

- Chester dedicated 'One More Light' to the victims of the Manchester bombing earlier in the year. The band was scheduled to play that venue to end their European Tour. At the LPU Meet & Greet, LPLive member 'Smarky' asked Mike and Chester if they'd dedicate the song. Mike said he would think about it but they had to be careful and sensitive to certain issues, explaining that after it happened, Chester had written a statement asking people to come out to the other shows but they didn't put it out because they didn't want to be seen harming the other venues. Mike said they tried really hard to find another venue but with so many other bands doing the same, nothing was available and he then said he would think about it. Chester said he would do it and showed his ear plugs which have bees on them, saying he put them in right after it happened and wasn't going to take them out until we learn to be free and to live together. He repeated this story on stage and described it as a horrible incident. Chester said he would do the song dedication because he had thought about doing something already but wasn't sure what to do.

- This was Warren Willis' (Joe's tech) birthday. He stepped in to perform scratches on the bridge of 'One Step Closer', all of 'Breaking The Habit' and drums on the breakdown of 'Bleed It Out' with the band.

Other Notes:

- There was no opening band for this show, or the rest of the U.K. shows.

- This was Chester Bennington's last performance.

- 'Battle Symphony' from this show was released on the "One More Light Live" CD/digital release. 'Burn It Down' on the release is from Sopron, but Chester's talking after the song is from this show.

- Warren posted a full video of 'Breaking The Habit' and a clip of 'One Step Closer', both proshot on social media later in 2017.

- Chester's speech before 'One More Light':

"We share some of our love and our prayers for the families and the victims of the tragedy of Manchester arena, my heart has never been broken so much on the day I found out that tragedy happened and since that day I have been wearing these little ear rings with the bees in them, I know that's a symbol of strength and hope for the city of Manchester and I am going to keep these in until all this nonsense stops and we can start loving each other, until we can stop hurting each other because we believe in something different to the person standing next to us, the one thing that cannot be defeated is love, right?


You can conquer hate by ignoring it, you can destroy it by loving the person next to you, so I want everyone here tonight to look at the person standing next to you and just tell them that you love them and you are happy that they are here with you tonight, having a good time, listening to music, celebrating life, we don't care what you look like, we don't care where you come from, we don't care what you believe in, we love every single one of you out there and nothing will ever change that, with that said, let's sing some songs together... "


Source 0: Audio - SBD (Official Release)

Format: CD + Digital

Comments: 'Battle Symphony' and the talking after 'Burn It Down' only. Released on One More Light Live.


Source 1: Video - AUD (Unknown) (Left Angle)

Location: Left side, halfway back in seats

Taper: From the Moshpit and Beyond

Time: 147:57 mins (full show)

Format: ? / ? GB

Comments: No zoom used. Uploaded to YouTube.


Source 2: Video - AUD (Samsung S8 Edge Plus)

Location: Front row

Taper: Sjuzanna Streiko

Time: 59:32 mins

Format: .MP4 (4K) / 20 GB

Commets: 'Burn It Down', 'One Step Closer', 'Lost In The Echo', 'Battle Symphony', 'From The Inside', 'Invisible', 'Waiting For The End', 'One More Light', 'Crawling', 'Somewhere I Belong', 'What I've Done', 'In The End', 'Sharp Edges', 'Numb', 'Heavy', 'Papercut' and 'Bleed It Out' only. Six songs were uploaded to YouTube after the show.


Source 3a: Video - PROSHOT (Linkin Park)

Time: 5:02 mins

Format: .MP4 / 27.3 MB

Commets: 'Breaking The Habit' and a short snippet of 'One Step Closer' posted online by Warren Willis after Chester passed away. The 'Breaking The Habit' video was deleted shortly after but Biel managed to download it and shared on LPLive.


Source 3b: Video - PROSHOT (Linkin Park)

Time: 13:27 mins

Format: .MP4 / 96.8 MB

Commets: 'One More Light', 'Crawling', 'Leave All Out The Rest' and the intro of 'Somewhere I Belong' only. Posted online by someone close to the band.


Source 3c: Video - PROSHOT (Linkin Park)

Time: 14:44 mins

Format: .MP4 / 102 MB

Commets: 'Crawling', 'Leave All Out The Rest', 'Somewhere I Belong' and 'What I've Done' only. The end of 'What I've Done' is missing. Posted online by someone close to the band.

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