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Linkin Park Live - 2017.05.22 Burbank, California

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May 22, 2017
Burbank, CA  United States
iHeartRadio Theater
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One More Light Release Week Promo
iHeartRadio Album Release Party
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xx. My December Rehearsal; Shortened (1st Verse + Chorus Only)
xx. Numb Rehearsal
xx. Battle Symphony Rehearsal
01. Numb Numb/Encore Intro/Outro
02. Invisible Ext. Intro
03. Burn It Down
04. Heavy
05. In The End
06. Talking To Myself
07. Battle Symphony
08. New Divide
09. Good Goodbye Ext. Singalong Intro; Live Version
10. Leave Out All The Rest Piano Intro; 2017 Version
11. Somewhere I Belong
12. What I've Done 2017 Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge

Show Notes:

- During the band's soundcheck before the show, it is reported that the band performed a shortened version of 'My December.' This would be the first time since 2008.03.10 Sacramento that the song was performed.

- Both Mike and Chester went into the crowd on 'In The End'. The song was performed without the "intro pause" to let the crowd sing, which was how the normal 2017 version was being played around this show.

- Brad was not on stage for the start of 'Talking To Myself', so he didn't play the first guitar part in the song.

- Before 'Leave Out All The Rest', Chester joked about how he liked wearing clothes but they always came off because he always gets hot on stage. Mike performed a very brief piano intro to the song, and added some harmony vocals on the normal live intro. Chester went into the crowd to sing it with fans.

Other Notes:

- Although the album came out on the 19th and Linkin Park performed in Las Vegas that day, this event was billed as the iHeartRadio Album Release Party.

- A Q&A was done between the first four songs of the set.

- Linkin Park performed about half of 'My December' while soundchecking, as well as 'Numb' and 'Battle Symphony'.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT (iHeartRadio Webcast)

Transfer: LIVE Webcast -> FFmpeg (capture & edit) -> .ts

Taper: indykid

Time: 62:45 mins

Format: TS (720p) / 1.09 GB

Comments: Broadcasted live. Released on Dime afer the show.

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