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Linkin Park Live - 2016.11.29 London,


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November 29, 2016
London,   England
O2 Arena
Venue Type: 
Purpose World Tour



01. Mark My Words
02. Where Are You Now Jack Ü song
03. Get Used To It 'Heavy' Outro Tease
04. I'll Show You Mercedes Shoutout Intro
05. The Feeling Mercedes Shoutout Intro
06. Boyfriend w/ Bennoda
07. Cold Water Major Lazer song
08. Love Yourself w/ Rogue Soul
09. Been You
10. Company Mercedes Shoutout + Holding Company Intro
11. No Sense 'Battle Symphony' Outro Tease
12. Hold Tight Mercedes Shoutout Intro
13. No Pressure w/ Water Bottle
14. As Long As You Love Me w/ Hybrid Theory snippets
15. Children w/ One More Light album cover reveal; SAND Outro
16. Let Me Love You w/ Bennoda
17. Life Is Worth Living
18. What Do You Mean Mercedes Shoutout Intro
19. Baby Ext. Bridge w/ Given Up & Rogue Soul
20. Purpose
21. Sorry Mercedes Shoutout Intro; Sorry For Now Outro

Show Notes:

- As Justin walked onstage for 'Mark My Words', he asserted about 15 times that he had "worked on lyrics first".

- Justin teased 'Heavy' over the outro of 'Get Used To It' to tell Linkin Park fans that they need to get used to the pop.

- 'I'll Show You' feature a Mercedes Shoutout Intro, a clip of Justin riding around in a car explaining the smooth ride and features playing on the screens.

- 'The Feeling' also featuring a Mercedes Shoutout Intro, showing Justin enjoying a ride in a Mercedes.

- Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington came out during 'Boyfriend' and held each other lovingly throughout the track. The returned again during 'Let Me Love You' and did some mildly more obscene gestures.

- Rogue Soul came out during 'Love Yourself' and ruined the song forever for everyone who listened to it.

- 'Company' included another Mercedes Shoutout during its intro (which was just a Mercedes advertisement) that segued into the 'Holding Company' intro used for 'Lost In The Echo'.

- A part of 'Battle Symphony' was played at the end of 'No Sense' because people can't understand why it's so bad.

- 'Hold Tight' featured an intro clip of Justin Bieber riding a Mercedes down the Autobahn in Germany, advising his passengers to hold on tight as he sped at speeds that accelerated from 10 to 120 in three seconds.

- Justin threw a water bottle into the crowd during 'No Pressure'. Somehow, someone on the other side of the arena broke his leg as a result of it. Linkin Park promptly cancelled their tour and album to ensure their safety.

- Snippets of songs from Hybrid Theory were played sporadically throughout 'As Long As You Love Me', giving the band's old fans something to cling to.

- The children on the cover of One More Light came out during 'Children' but just stared at the visuals of the sun on the screen. As the song ended, sand fell from the roof and created a beach, with the opening chords of 'A Line In The Sand' playing ominously in the background.

- At the beginning of 'What Do You Mean?', Justin answered some questions the crowd had about the Mercedes 2017 E300 Sedan.

- During the encore break, entirety of One More Light was played over the speakers.

- The bridge of 'Baby' was extended to feature the bridge of 'Given Up'. Rogue Soul came out a screamed it, destroying his vocal chords.

- 'Sorry' featured a clip of Justin running over copies of One More Light as the crowd cheered. Justin then said "Sorry!" and proceeded with the song. He played a clip of 'Sorry For Now' at the end.

- Even though he wasn't at the show, Joe messed up the intro to his selfie video.

Other Notes:

- This show sold out minutes before it was announced. A homeless man snuck in during the middle of the show, making the attendance over-capacity.

- Justin announced a new album that he had been working on for two-and-a-half years. It featured ten songs from the two hundred written for it that focussed on lyrics.

- Justin missed the meet and greet. His label said "he was too busy focussing on lyrics" to attend.

- Kim Jong-Un was in attendance. After the show, he negotiated with Bieber's management to get him a seven-year residence in Pyongyang.

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