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Linkin Park Live - 2014.01.10 Las Vegas, Nevada

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January 10, 2014
Las Vegas, NV  United States
The Joint @ Hard Rock Hotel
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Redlight King

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01. Wake
02. Given Up Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note
03. New Divide
04. With You 2012 Scratch Intro; Ext. Scratch Outro
05. Somewhere I Belong 2012 Intro
06. Lies Greed Misery
07. Empty Spaces
08. When They Come For Me
09. Waiting For The End Apaches Intro w/ Until It Breaks Verse 3; Wall of Noise Outro
10. Breaking The Habit
11. Castle Of Glass
12. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent Ballad Medley
13. Lost In The Echo 2012 Intro w/ Holding Company Synth
14. Numb Numb/Encore Outro
15. What I've Done
16. Burn It Down
17. In The End
18. Bleed It Out Ext. Bridge w/ Chorus Sing-A-Long; Ext. Outro
19. Faint Ext. Outro
20. One Step Closer Ext. Outro

Show Notes:

- The studio version of 'Wake' was performed for the first time since 2008.03.10 Sacramento, the last show of the North American Winter Tour for Minutes To Midnight. After that, the band performed 'Wake 2.0' through the rest of the 2008 tours.

- Mike rapped verse two of 'Until It Breaks' over the intro to 'Waiting For The End'.

- This is the first time that 'Empty Spaces' and 'When They Come For Me' have been performed live since the second night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in October 2012.

- Mike and Chester both sang part of the lyrics to 'Numb/Encore' over the outro of 'Numb'.

- 'A Light That Never Comes' was on the setlist to start the encore but was dropped at the last minute due to Chester feeling sick. There was a scramble to remove the pads from the stage so that the band could start the encore with 'Faint'.

Other Notes:

- This was the fourth year in a row that Linkin Park performed in Las Vegas, following the 2011 headlining arena show, the 2012 Billboard Music Awards and iHeart Radio shows, the 2013 headlining Planet Hollywood show and this show at The Joint.

- This show was originally billed as a Music For Relief / Power The World benefit show. An email from October 22, 2013 from Music For Relief read, "Electricity is a privilege unavailable to most poor families in Nepal, so they use thousands of pounds of wood for cooking. Smoke from these indoor fires results in 4 million deaths (mostly women and children) per year from lung and heart diseases, cancers, burns and more. Join us to provide clean biogas cookstoves to benefit people, wildlife, and the planet. If you raise $565 for one biogas system by November 22, you will be entered to win tickets to see Linkin Park at a small, private show in Las Vegas in January." Only around ten people raised $565, so the show was put on sale to the public on December 2nd just before the Los Angeles "Concert For The Philippines" was announced.

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