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Linkin Park Live - 2011.09.09

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Show Information

Date: September 09, 2011
Location: Tokyo, JP JP Event/Festival: A Thousand Horizons
Venue: nicofarre Show Number: Show 1 of 1
Venue Type: Bar/Club
Website: http://nicofarre.jp/



01. The Messenger Chester Singing Over Pre-Recorded Instrumental

Show Notes:

- Linkin Park premiered their "A Thousand Horizons" art show at the nicofarre in Tokyo as a part of the 5th LPU Summit. Music played during the event includes: 'Issho Ni' (pre-show), 'Fallout' (extended w/ Mario Savio speech at end), 'The Catalyst' (remix, including parts of the Does It Offend You, Yeah? remix), 'Blackout' (remixed ending), 'Waiting For The End', 'Iridescent' (shortened ending, last chorus was cut out), 'The Messenger' (Chester live vocals over pre-recorded instrumental), and 'Waiting For The End' (Glitch Mob Remix) (post-show).

Other Notes:

- Good Smile Company (company who put the event on) released a Linkin Park "BE@RBRICK" lego piece with the Linkin Park logo, name, and a design on it that was for sale at the event. Proceeds went towards earthquake relief.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT (Webcast)

Taper: Unknown

Time: 101:59 mins

Format: FLV / 289 MB

Comments: Full event.