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Linkin Park Live - 2010.09.12 Los Angeles, California

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September 12, 2010
Los Angeles, CA  United States
Griffith Observatory
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A Thousand Suns Promo Tour
MTV Video Music Awards
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01. The Catalyst Rehearsal; Short Version
02. Bleed It Out Ext. Ending
03. Crawling Acapella
04. The Catalyst Short Version
05. Higher Ground Red Hot Chili Peppers cover; Short Jam
06. New Divide

Show Notes:

- 'The Catalyst' was performed in a shortened version for TV purposes. The band rehearsed the song once and performed it the second time for the MTV VMA's.

- After the rehearsal of 'The Catalyst', Linkin Park performed 'Bleed It Out' for the fans while waiting for MTV to give the go-ahead for the TV performance. After 'The Catalyst', they jammed a short cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers version of Stevie Wonder's 'Higher Ground'. Mike and Joe teased fans with samples of 'Numb', 'Wretches & Kings', 'When They Come For Me', and more, saying, "Well, we can't play this one" and "Can't play that one either." When fans chanted for 'Crawling' after 'Bleed It Out', Mike said that the crew didn't bring his guitar, so they couldn't play that song, but they sang it acapella instead.

- After the TV performance of 'The Catalyst', fans chanted for one more song. Chester and Mike met and decided to play 'New Divide'. Rob discouraged them, saying that the gear wasn't prepared (the bass and guitar weren't tuned for the song), but Mike waved him off and they performed the song for fun.

Other Notes:

- Around one thousand Linkin Park fans were invited to see the performance for free. The LPU email to fans read, "Linkin Park will be performing the "The Catalyst" live on TV for the first time ever at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, September 12, and they want A THOUSAND LP fans to attend. LPU members are given priority, but everyone has a chance to request tickets. The band will be performing one song at a secret outdoor location in Los Angeles. If you would like to attend, follow the steps below."

- 'The Catalyst' was broadcasted in the last few minutes of the 2010 VMA show. The song was pre-recorded.

- This was the first "iconic" venue that the band performed at on the A Thousand Suns World Tour. The Griffith Observatory, the Puerta de Acala in Madrid and Red Square in Moscow were three locations the band played on the tour.

- Rehearsals took place the day before this performance. 'The Catalyst' was played three times along with short snippets of 'Numb', 'Wretches And Kings' and 'Waiting For The End'.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT (MTV HD)

Time: 4:05 mins

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Comments: 'The Catalyst' only.

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