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Linkin Park Live - 2007.07.19 Inglewood, California

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July 19, 2007
Inglewood, CA  United States
The Forum
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KROQ's Kevin and Bean Breakfast Show
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01. What I've Done
02. Numb
03. Pushing Me Away Piano Version; Aborted
04. Pushing Me Away Piano Version
05. Leave Out All The Rest
06. In The End
07. Bleed It Out

Show Notes:

- On 'Pushing Me Away', Mike made a mistake on the keyboard in the pre-chorus ("the sacrifice...") and when he started to play again, he played it with a slower tempo. Chester stopped singing and said, "You bastard, oh no, that's fine, you want us to play a little slower", so they stopped and played the song over again.

Other Notes:

- This was a short six song performance held for KROQ at the Forum, where the band was rehearsing for Projekt Revolution. Fans had breakfast before the band's set.

- The 'Pushing Me Away' aborted take was edited from the broadcast, but it remains on the webcast and is in the Kevin and Bean archives to hear.


Source 1a: Audio - SBD (Webcast)

Taper: linkin_boss

Time: 20 mins

Format: mp3 / 320 kbit/s

Comments: Bad quality. This is the webcasted version that was recorded by linkin_boss. This rip doesn't include the interview, just the six songs.


Source 1b: Audio - SBD (Webcast)

Time: 23 mins

Format: ASF

Comments: Bad quality. This is the version on the Kevin and Bean website. It's divided into 6 parts. The KROQ webcasted version is not quite the same as the version that's on the Kevin and Bean website. See the notes above.

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