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Linkin Park Live - 2006.02.08 Los Angeles, California

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February 08, 2006
Los Angeles, CA  United States
Staples Center
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48th Grammy Awards Show
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01. Numb/Encore/Yesterday Rehearsal; w/ Jay-Z & Paul McCartney
01. Numb/Encore/Yesterday w/ Jay-Z & Paul McCartney

Show Notes:

- Linkin Park was joined by Jay-Z for Numb/Encore. After the first chorus, the piano part was changed up and it was revealed that the band was doing a form of 'Yesterday' by The Beatles. Instead of doing the 'Numb' part of the song, Paul McCartney came out and they sang part of 'Yesterday' to end the song.

- A full orchestra was present behind the band.

- The song is referred to as 'Yesternumb'.

- This is the only performance of the song ever, outside of rehearsals.

- Rehearsals took place earlier in the day. Photos are available on WireImage.

Other Notes:

- 'Numb/Encore' won an award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT (CBS HD)

Taper: Unknown

Time: 6:13 mins

Format: .ts (1080i) / 702 MB

Comments: Includes award winning.

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