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Linkin Park Live - 2004.06.06 Adenau, Rheinland-Pfalz

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June 06, 2004
Adenau, RP  Germany
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Meteora International Tour
Rock am Ring
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3 of 9
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Die Toten Hosen, *, Avril Lavigne, Dick Brave & The Backbeats, The Rasmus, The Donots, Static-X



01. Don't Stay Gacela Intro
02. Lying From You
03. Papercut Short Intro
04. Points Of Authority Reanimated Intro
05. With You Short Reanimated Intro; Reanimation-style
06. Runaway Transition Intro
07. Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin' Down Hip-Hop Medley
08. Somewhere I Belong Short Intro
09. From The Inside Ext. Intro
10. Breaking The Habit Long Piano Intro
11. Numb Guitar Intro
12. Faint
13. In The End Short Ambient Intro; Ext. Bridge
14. A Place For My Head Ext. Intro & Bridge
15. Crawling Long Krwlng Intro
16. Wish Nine Inch Nails cover
17. One Step Closer Reanimated Intro & Bridge

Show Notes:

- Before 'Somewhere I Belong', Chester tried to throw his guitar pick from 'It's Goin' Down' to someone in the crowd but missed, saying "I throw like a fucking girl, I'm sorry man, I'll make it up to you I promise."

- On the intro of 'Faint', Chester yells "pogo pogo pogo pogo!" to the crowd. This is a reference to 'Bounce' by System Of A Down where Serj Tankian yells "pogo pogo pogo pogo pogo pogo!" during the song.

- Even though Mike wanted them to wait for Chester, the crowd sings the bridge to 'In The End' by themselves, and then joins in with Chester once he starts again by himself.

- On the intro to 'A Place For My Head', Brad talks to Mike and wants him to bring someone up from the crowd to speak German. Also, Chester gives a shoutout to a man in a dog suit, who he calls the "Dog Man". A fan called Benjamin was pulled up on stage during the bridge to speak German to the crowd. He spoke broken English first and then German to the crowd to tell them to sing "Go away" with Chester during 'A Place For My Head'. During this, someone threw their gloves on stage, which prompted Chester to say "I found OJ's gloves!". He then went into the crowd to sing the bridge with them.

Other Notes:

- Due to their European Tour in 2003 being canceled, Linkin Park returned to headline Rock am Ring. Due to the band's participation in Download, they were unable to play Rock im Park. 2004 is the only year in which they did not play Rock im Park when they played Rock am Ring. However, they ended up playing the same amount of shows at both festivals, even with them missing Rock im Park in 2004, due to them playing two shows at Rock im Park in 2001, filling in for Slipknot during their late-night show.
- Avril Lavigne can be seen on the right hand side of the stage before 'Wish'.

- Linkin Park did not headline. Die Toten Hosen, a German band, played after the band. However, LP was still able to perform a full setlist.

- 'Breaking The Habit' from this show was used for the 'LP Underground 4.0' CD and for the 'Projekt Revolution 2004 Sampler'.


Source 0a: Audio - SBD (Official Release)

Format: CD + Digital

Comments: 'Breaking The Habit' only. Same mix as Source 0b but slight editing done (fade-in, fade-out, etc). Released on the Projekt Revolution 2004 Sampler.


Source 0b: Audio - SBD (Official Release)

Format: CD + Digital

Comments: 'Breaking The Habit' only. Same mix as Source 0a but slightly longer. Released on the LP Underground 4.0 CD.


Source 1a: Video - PROSHOT (Webcast)

Time: 81 mins

Format: RealMedia

Comments: Full show. Webcasted live with a delay of about 30 seconds on Rockpalast.de.


Source 1b: Video - PROSHOT (MTV Europe)

Taper: Unknown

Time: 21 mins

Format: DVD M / 1.00 GB

Sample: (Lying From You - 15 sec) - Download (right click and save)

Comments: 'Faint,' 'Lying From You,' 'Numb,' 'From The Inside,' 'Breaking The Habit' and 'One Step Closer' only. Very bad editing by MTV.


Source 1c: Video - PROSHOT (WDR Germany > DVB-S)

Time: 71 mins

Format: DVD M

Comments: Very common DVD. Multiple recordings exist. It's hard to say what's the best of those. It was only broadcasted in full twice. This version differs on the editing and used camera angles from the MTV version. The intro and the outro was shortened and the encore break between 'A Place For My Head' and 'Crawling' was removed. WDR also removed also a (dirty) laugh by Mike on 'In The End'. It was clearly almost completely removed. Listen to that here. The band approved this recording before it was shown (hence the delay in it being shown on TV) and it is rumored that Mike helped mix the audio for it.


Source 1d: Video - PROSHOT (MTV Two)

Taper: Unknown

Time: 26:13 mins

Format: DVD M / 619 MB

Comments: 'Faint,' 'Lying From You,' 'Numb,' 'From The Inside,' 'Breaking The Habit' and 'One Step Closer' only. Very bad editing by MTV. Includes 'In The End' from MTV Germany's "Best Of Rock Am Ring".

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