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Linkin Park Live - 2001.12.07 San Jose, California

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December 07, 2001
San Jose, CA  United States
Compaq Center
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LIVE 105's Not So Silent Night
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System Of A Down, P.O.D., Sum 41, Puddle Of Mudd, Alien Ant Farm, AFI



01. With You w/ Pre-Song Docklands Intro
02. Runaway
03. Papercut
04. By Myself
05. Points Of Authority
06. Step Up
07. My December Acoustic Version #3
08. Pushing Me Away
09. In The End Guitar Intro; Vocal Ending
10. A Place For My Head
11. Crawling
12. Sweet Child O' Mine Guns N' Roses cover
13. One Step Closer

Show Notes:

- Before 'Papercut', Chester mentioned how the last time they were in San Jose three weeks prior, they were giving thanks but now they were celebrating the Christmas holidays.

- The band played a short 'Sweet Child O' Mine' cover before 'One Step Closer'.

Other Notes:

- Surprisingly, Linkin Park was the last band of the night and played after System Of A Down.


Source 1: Audio - FM (LIVE 105)

Transfer: FM Broadcast > CD-R > EAC > WAV

Time: 50:23 mins

Format: FLAC / 358 MB

Comments: Edited for the radio. Some songs cut in, like the 'Papercut' intro and the beginning of 'By Myself'. Very weird editing done on this broadcast, with the mics cutting out randomly and the guitar dropping out on 'With You' and 'Runaway'. Lossless version released by Felipeintheend in March 2013.

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