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Linkin Park Live - 2001.09.13 London, England

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September 13, 2001  CANCELLED
London, ENG  England
BBC Studios
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Hybrid Theory European Tour
Top of the Pops
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- In 2001, Linkin Park was rumored to have played Top of the Pops in September 2001, but the date was confirmed to have been March 24, 2001 on the tour where they opened for Deftones. Chester's hair and the band members' appearances also correlate this. However, a tour itinerary obtained in March 2016 shows a second Top of the Pops date for September 13, 2001 as well, meaning the band was set to play TOTP two times that year. We have added the show to the guide, but we have zero confirmation that it was actually played. Most likely, the performance was canceled due to 9/11. The Maida Vale show the next day barely happened as well, giving more credit to this hypothesis.

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