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Linkin Park Live - 2001.09.08 Camden, New Jersey

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September 08, 2001  CANCELLED
Camden, NJ  United States
Tweeter Center at the Waterfront
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Reading USA
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Eminem, Xzibit, Adema, Muse, Boy Hits Car, Clinic, Folk Implosion, Guided By Voices

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- This show was announced on July 20, 2001 by the promoter Mean Fiddler, who puts on the Reading Festival shows in the UK. The announcement on the Linkin Park website read, "EMINEM and LINKIN PARK are the main performers on the inaugural US version of the READING festival. The festival is set to take place in CAMDEN, NJ near PHILADELPHIA on SEPTEMBER 8th,2001. Also confirmed is XZIBIT, with more performers to be announced shortly."

- It was canceled in late August 2001. An August 20, 2011 article on MTV.com read, "Turns out you still have to go to England if you want to see the Reading Festival. The inaugural U.S. version of the long-running British fest has been canceled. Organizers of the Reading Festival USA, slated for September 6 in Camden, New Jersey, didn't have enough time to bolster the show's roster, which included Eminem, Linkin Park and Xzibit, according to the festival's publicist. They were looking for high-profile opening acts for what was to be a 10-hour show at the Tweeter Center at the Waterfront. "Rather than proceeding with a shortened and diluted lineup that does not fully represent the history and reputation of the Reading Festival, we have decided to spend time assembling a more complete lineup for 2002," promoter Mean Fiddler said in a statement. Apparently, the additions announced last week - Adema, Boy Hits Car, Clinic, Folk Implosion, Guided By Voices and Muse - weren't up to the British company's snuff."

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