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Linkin Park Live - 2001.08.09 Wantagh, New York

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August 09, 2001
Wantagh, NY  United States
Jones Beach Amphitheatre
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Offest / Big Day Off
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10 of 10
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Slipknot, Papa Roach, *, Disturbed, Mudvayne



01. With You w/ Pre-Song Welcome To The Jungle Intro
02. Sweet Child O' Mine Guitar Tease; Guns N' Roses cover
03. A Place For My Head
04. Forgotten Guitar + 2000 Beat Intro; Ext. Bridge
05. Runaway
06. Papercut
07. Points Of Authority
08. By Myself
09. High Voltage Mike Shinoda Remix
10. Crawling In The End Guitar Intro
11. One Step Closer

Show Notes:

- The band had some equipment problems after 'With You', which delayed the start of the next song for a few minutes. Brad played a short 'Sweet Child O' Mine' guitar tease.

- Before 'A Place For My Head' (during the break), Chester said that the song was influenced by 'Rocket Queen' by Guns N' Roses. During the intro, he screamed, "What doesn't fucking kill us makes us fucking stronger, am I fucking right?" three times.

- 'High Voltage' was featured in the setlist, which was rare for the OFFEST shows. It is possibly the only OFFEST show that had it (even though we're missing the Portland setlist just before this show) and likely was played due the band bringing it back for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame show a week earlier as well as the fact that they had played Wantagh in late June for a radio festival.

- Brad started playing the usual 'In The End' guitar intro from 2001 after 'Crawling', but someone told the band that they only had time for one song left, so they went into 'One Step Closer' instead. Due to equipment problems, it is possible that the setlist was changed (since 'A Place For My Head' never was in the number two spot in the setlist) mid-show, but it is known that 'In The End' was at least planned to be played after 'Crawling'.

- Chester on Spin (2004): At Jones Beach on Long Island. Total equipment failure. All of our DJ stuff was completely gone--there was no power in any of it. All of our drum samples went dead. It's Linkin Park with nothing but raw instruments. You listen to "One Step Closer" and there's nothing but guitar and bass. Then I physically transformed by body into a visualization of what was happening onstage, and by the end of the show, I was running around in nothing but my shorts. I had no shoes on, no shirt, no jewelry. I was basically singing a cappella. Kids were like, "What song is this?" Hopefully, it'll be just this good when we come back to Jones Beach."

Other Notes:

- In the Hybrid Odyssey documentary that has part of 'By Myself' from this show featured in it, MTV mistakenly lists the date for the show as March 9th, 2001.

- MuchMusic did a contest for its Gonna Meet a Rockstar series where a fan would have the chance to spend the day with Linkin Park and watch the show from backstage. The episode aired on February 10, 2002 and features a clip of 'With You'.

- Offest / Big Day Off was essentially a "tour inside a tour" where a partial version of the Ozzfest lineup played eleven shows between Ozzfest shows.

- This show was filmed for HBO Reverb (as Mike mentions during the show) but it was never shown on TV, possibly because of the problems the band was having during the show. HBO ended up showing six songs from the London Docklands Arena show about five weeks later.

- Chester performed 'Walk' (Pantera cover) with Disturbed.

- 'High Voltage' was released in 2013 on the new Hybrid Theory deluxe edition on iTunes.


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Comments: 'High Voltage' only. Released on iTunes' "deluxe version" of Hybrid Theory in 2013.


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