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Linkin Park Live - 2001.07.25 Rochester, New York

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July 25, 2001
Rochester, NY  United States
Blue Cross Arena
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Offest / Big Day Off
Show #: 
8 of 10
Other Bands: 

Slipknot, Papa Roach, *, Disturbed, Mudvayne



01. With You w/ Pre-Song Welcome To The Jungle Intro
02. Runaway
03. Papercut
04. Points Of Authority
05. By Myself
06. Crawling
07. Pushing Me Away
08. In The End Guitar Intro; Vocal Ending
09. A Place For My Head
10. Forgotten
11. One Step Closer Guitar + 2000 Beat Intro; Ext. Bridge

Show Notes:

- Chester lets a fan yell into his microphone before 'A Place For My Head'.

Other Notes:

- This is the first known setlist from an Offest / Big Day Off show (and will be unless the Manchester recording ever surfaces), so it's possible/likely that this setlist of eleven songs was the same setlist the band played at all ten Offest / Big Day Off shows (excluding Wantagh, which the band changed the setlist for since they had already played there earlier in the year).

- Offest / Big Day Off was essentially a "tour inside a tour" where a partial version of the Ozzfest lineup played eleven shows between Ozzfest shows.


Source 1: Video - AUD (MiniDV: Unknown) (Left Angle)

Taper: Unknown

Time: 42:03 mins

Format: DVD (low gen) / 1.37 GB

Sample: (Papercut - 15 sec) - Download (right click and save)

Comments: None.


Source 2a: Video - AUD (Digital8: Unknown) (Right Angle)

Taper: Mike Smyser

Time: 39:08 mins

Format: DVD (1st gen) / 1.75 GB

Sample: (Runaway - 15 sec) - Download (right click and save)

Comments: Beginning is cut.


Source 2b: Video - AUD (Digital8: Unknown) (Right Angle)
Taper: Mike Smyser
Time: 39:38 mins
Format: DVD / 2.69 GB
Comments: Beginning is cut. Transferred by TripKore from the 8mm master. Picture is noticeably better.


Source 3: Audio - AUD (DAT: Core Sound Cardioids (w/Bass Roll off) > Sony TCD-D100)

Taper: Tikcuf (Greg)

Time: 42 mins

Format: lossless

Comments: Uncirculated.

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