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Linkin Park Live - 2001.06.02 Nürnberg, Bayern

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June 02, 2001
Nürnberg, BY  Germany
Venue Type: 
Rock im Park
Show #: 
2 of 3
Other Bands: 

*, Travis, Echt, Semisonic, Blumfeld, The Divine Comedy, JJ 72, Starsailor



01. A Place For My Head
02. Forgotten
03. Points Of Authority w/ Pre-Song Lee Interlude; Beatbox Intro
04. Papercut Beatbox Intro
05. Sweet Child O' Mine Guitar Tease; Guns N' Roses cover
06. By Myself
07. High Voltage Mike Shinoda Remix
08. Pictureboard Short Jam
09. In The End
10. Pushing Me Away
11. Crawling
12. With You
13. Runaway
14. One Step Closer

Show Notes:

- Since the band filled in for Slipknot, Chester came out on stage with a paper mask covering his face. Fans booed initially at it but by the end of the show, the band had won over the crowd.

- Chester made moaning sex noises over Joe's intros to the show. Joe performed three different intros for the set.

- After the intro of 'A Place For My Head', Mike and Chester said Slipknot asked them to fill in, and they were bummed that Slipknot wasn't there too. The band changed the setlist up from the show earlier in the day by moving some of the heavier songs up to the top.

- Mike and Chester performed a beatbox intro to 'Points Of Authority' and again for 'Papercut'.

- Brad performed a short 'Sweet Child O' Mine' guitar cover after 'Papercut'.

- Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit came out at three different points during this show: First, during 'Crawling', he started pouring beer over Chester's head (causing him to laugh), and rapped/repeated a couple of Chester's lines. Next, during 'Runaway', he came out and tried to pour beer on Chester again, prompting Chester to yell "FUCK YOU!" right in the middle of one of his lines, before continuing. Finally, he can be heard yelling "Fuck the guitar, let's do this shit!" right before the bridge in 'One Step Closer' (referring to Brad's guitar which had quit working in the middle of the song).

- Between 'High Voltage' and 'In The End' the band performed a short jam version of 'Pictureboard'. This is the first confirmed performance of it and the only known time that Chester sang any vocals over it. The track was performed twice after this (Rock am Ring and Tinley Park, the first show of Ozzfest). In March 2016, a setlist for four shows before this one was found with a "MELLOW Interlude" after 'High Voltage', which could possibly be this version of 'Pictureboard'.

- Chester changed the lyrics to the chorus of 'One Step Closer' right before the bridge:

“Everything you say to me
The motherfuckin room will shake
Everything you hate of me
Another fucking goddamn strain”

Other Notes:

- This was the second show of the day for the band. Slipknot was originally scheduled to perform at 1 am as 'Late Night Special'. At some point of the day the presenters of the festival told the crowd that, "There's a little change in the programme tonight: Slipknot will NOT play. Instead Linkin Park will play again. Slipknot have played a gig in Bremen last night, but since then the band has disappeared, we have no idea where they are". It is rumored that Slipknot canceled because Shawn Crahan's wife was ill, but it has never been confirmed.

- Around 8,500 people fit into this tent, which was built up in the Ice Stadium near the Frankenstadion.


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Taper: Sebastian S.

Time: 52:28 mins

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