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Linkin Park Live - 2001.05.28 Washington, District of Columbia

Show Information

May 28, 2001
Washington, DC  United States
RFK Stadium
Venue Type: 
Main Stage
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1 of 1
Other Bands: 

Mike D & Mix Master Mike, Staind, Live, Fatboy Slim, 3 Doors Down, Fuel, *, Stabbing Westward, Coldplay, Lifehouse, Good Charlotte, American Hi-Fi, The Little Kingz



01. With You
02. Runaway
03. Papercut
04. By Myself
05. Points Of Authority
06. Crawling
07. In The End Guitar Intro; Vocal Ending
08. A Place For My Head
09. One Step Closer

Show Notes:

- Joe did not play the 'Lee Interlude' sample between 'Runaway' and 'Papercut' at this show.

Other Notes:

- Good Charlotte shot their music video for 'Festival Song' at this show. Chester and Brad can be seen backstage during the video.

- Footage from this show was used in the 'Points Of Authority' music video.


Source 1: Audio - SBD (WHFS Concert USA Internal Review CDR)

Time: 36:32 mins

Format: FLAC / 238 MB

Sample: (Runaway - 30 sec) - Download (right click and save)

Comments: The show remained rare for quite some time. Lossless obtained by Chesterchaz in 2005, mp3 rip leaked in 2007 from another source (LPFuse's copy). Full mp3 version released over LPL on X-mas 2008.

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