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Linkin Park Live - 2001.01.26 Seattle, Washington

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January 26, 2001
Seattle, WA  United States
Showbox Theatre
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Street Soldiers Tour
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1 of 19
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Taproot, Styles Of Beyond



01. With You
02. Runaway
03. Papercut w/ Pre-Song Lee Interlude
04. By Myself
05. Points Of Authority
06. High Voltage Live Debut; Mike Shinoda Remix
07. Crawling Ambient Intro (SHORT Interlude)
08. Pushing Me Away Live Debut
09. And One Short Live Version; Wind Intro
10. In The End Vocal Ending
11. A Place For My Head
12. Forgotten 2000 Beat Intro; Ext. Bridge
13. One Step Closer w/ Pre-Song Falling Down Interlude

Show Notes:

- The band used a new intro before the show for 'With You', one that they would use for over half of the year in 2001.


- This was the first time that 'High Voltage' and 'Pushing Me Away' were performed live.

Other Notes:

- Linkin Park performed an "Endsession" for 107.7 The End before the show for a few radio winners.

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